Thursday, September 29, 2011

Viewership: Zing!

It is not surprising to me, but I remain amazed at the sheer volume of interest in my motorcycle police galleries that I posted on a photo gallery software system on my website.

I announced it on this blog, and probably had a few hundred visitors come from here.

I announced it in the "what's new" section of my website, and also saw a few hundred visitors originate from there.

Google is bringing lots of visitors, too. Amazing how quickly Google indexes this blog with its search engine, and sends people searching "motorcycle cops" and related key words to that gallery.

I announced it on the "Boots on Line" board on, and man, oh man, the "visitorship" went ... zing! Not a minute after I posted a message there, someone from from my home town immediately followed that link to check it out. (Hmmm... interesting... another follower of where I live? Well, I'm glad there is at least one other Bootman besides me in my hometown where boots are rarely worn except by real bikers.)

Throughout the day, hundreds and hundreds of visitors explored that gallery. By 5pm yesterday, my website logged the highest number of visitors and viewership it has ever had in one 12-hour period -- over 20,000 page views. Wow! All that in just a half day!

Well, I'm glad there is so much interest in those galleries. And if you are among those who have gotten tired about the prattling I have done about cops, boots, and this gallery, this blog will resume with a different line of thought tomorrow.

Life is short: enjoy the view!

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