Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bulges and Breeches

This Tom of Finland classic is also a print that I had framed and have hung in my home. It taught me what "flares" (sometimes called "balloons") were on leather breeches. The flares were built into riding breeches to give the rider (of a horse) ample maneuverability as he rode his horse. They work well for operating an iron horse, too. I know -- I have a pair and have ridden my bike with them a lot. They make very comfortable attire.

The rest of what this image inspires in thought remains for the beholder to imagine. And there's lots there to think about, fantasize about, and admire.

Wondering: were other leathermen inspired to get breeches with flares by seeing this image after ToF published it?

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bootmanla said...

While not that image specifically, I certainly was motivated by ToF and recently did invest in a pair of Langlitz Rangers.