Saturday, September 19, 2009

Commenting Policy

UPDATE: The content below was updated in February and September, 2010. Here are the changes, in brief:

1. I will accept anonymous comments if the content of the message contributes to the quality of a post.

2. I will delete any comment that has an embedded link to a commercial company. I do not allow other people to endorse products or services on MY blog.

The rest of my commenting policy remains as previously written:
I do not allow anonymous comments on this blog. Anyone who wants to post a comment may sign in using his or her google or blogger account, or use the "anonymous" option to submit a comment, but he or she must give a name or screen handle, and be consistent about it.

What's the problem with anonymous comments?

1. Civility. Anonymous comments encourage nasty snark-fests of the worst kind. People write comments behind a computer screen which they would never make if they had to sign their name. It's one of the worst aspects of the internet and helps destroy the potential of this medium for communication. It can also have a chilling effect on people who want to engage but would like to disagree agreeably. While some blogs enjoy controversy generated by flame wars as it attracts readers, I do not have an interest in doing that.

2. Responsibility. If you're going to write something, you should own it.

3. Negativity. This goes along with civility. Some people write nasty things behind the screen of anonymity that reveals much about their lack of quality of character and integrity. I will not abide negativity related to sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, or that expresses intolerance.

If you wish to comment on any post on this blog, feel free. Sign in with your google identity OR use the anonymous option but include your name or screen name.

I will review all comments and decide if they will be published or not. For example, you may refer to me by "Booted Harleydude" or its short-form, "BHD", but not by another name. References to me by another name get deleted because I separate my blogger identity from my personal identity. That's not the same thing as anonymity, because my blogger and website identities are the same and have been for over a decade.

Also, I will delete any comment that includes and embedded link to a commercial enterprise. I do not allow other people to try to endorse products or services through MY blog. If you want to do that, write your own blog.

Ultimately, my blog is an expression of my personal opinions. If you don't like my opinions, say so and own your remarks, or surf elsewhere.

Acknowledgment: some of the language used above is from the anonymous commenting policy of a blog written by a friend. Used with permission.

1 comment:

Tef said...

I think you're right to get tough. I am lazy to sign on, which is why I stick on to my nick, Teflonman or Tef for short, for most of my posts here.

Flaming others behind a cloak of anonymity is plain cowardice. Bloggers appreciate a joke or two, and BHD has a great sense of humor - read my fit-inducing aprostrophe comment to know why. But there must be a line drawn at intentionally causing emotional and psychological hurt. Even though there is a First Amendment, it should not to be abused.

I second your decision to get tough, BHD!