Friday, February 29, 2008

Boot comfort

There are times in my line of work when I have to be on my feet all day long, and dressed in a suit as well. Since I don't own a pair of shoes, having comfortable boots is a necessity. Over the next several days, I will be at a conference, running up and down hallways, standing at a table providing information, and spending much more time on my feet than I usually do.

Generally speaking, I find cowboy boots are more comfortable than motorcycle boots. Also, there are more styles of "dress" cowboy boots on the market to choose from.

Pictured here is a pair of Ariat cowboy boots that have a rubber tread, so they'll work well as a motorcycle boot, too. They have a great built-in insole as well. The combination of the insole and the rubber tread, as well as being made of a very soft cowhide, make them quite comfortable. I wore them all day yesterday and I was on my feet or standing for many hours. My feet didn't hurt a bit.

Of the cowboy boots in my collection, two manufacturers stand out above the crowd: Lucchese and Dan Post. Each of these bootmakers build their boots on quality lasts (forms) and install insoles that are comfortable. Nocona boots aren't bad, either, but don't quite have the comfort of Dan Post boots.

What manufacturers make boots that I find to be uncomfortable? Acme by far is the worst, followed by Cowtown and Code West. I've discarded any Laredo boots that I had because they're very uncomfortable and were cheaply made. Unfortunately, I find that Tony Lama, once a premier boot maker, has fallen short in my boot comfort ratings. Justin can be good or not so good, depending on the boot. Justin comfort is inconsistent. Sendras look hot, but to be really fair, they're not all that comfortable to stand in for a long time. Boots made in Mexico by independent boot makers can really vary. Mezcalero Boots are teriffic, but Rudel and Villano are not. Rios of Mercedes are fair, and Largato are a bit better. You just have to try them on and walk/stand in them a while to see how they feel to you.

Motorcycle boots aren't ordinarily worn with dress clothes, but I have been spotted from time to time wearing H-D Police Enforcer Boots which by far are the most comfortable tall "bike cop" boots that I own. Far more comfortable that Dehners, IMHO.

Final words: you really have to try on the boots and walk in them. Walk around a store, up and down the aisles, and stand. Just stand in them. Often you can tell after 5 minutes of standing in a pair of boots if they are comfortable to you. Tell the sales guy why you're doing that -- to evaluate how the boots really feel to you. That's the only way you can tell. If a sales guy doesn't want you to spend the time doing that, then go somewhere else. And don't buy the poppycock that "the boots will break in." The break-in happens in the flex of the sole (for walking) and in the creases at the ankles. It has nothing to do with sole comfort while standing. Don't let a sales guy tell you any different.

In closing, boot comfort for walking and standing is really measured in the quality of an insole. That makes all the difference. If you like a boot but the insole is not of good quality, you can always buy good quality insoles, like Dr. Sholl's gel insoles, which are really quite good. (Don't get the cheap thin foam insoles, which feel good for a few hours then flatten out and aren't so good any more.)

Life is short. Wear your boots. Stand and be proud while booted.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why did I create my own web site?

Some people have asked me why I created my web site, Well, it's a simple story, really. I had left a job after almost 20 years to care for an elderly uncle through the winter of his life. At first, I only needed to spend a few hours a week tending to his and his wife's needs for grocery shopping, transportation for medical visits, sitting and talking with him, and other daily activities. My post-full-time-job consulting "career" also involved learning how to write HTML and update web pages for a non-profit organization, a government, and a political candidate.

Just about the same time, my partner walked into our bedroom and tripped over yet another pair of boots on the floor (he's the neatnick; I'm not). He was upset, and said that I didn't really know how many boots I had, where they were, or if even would wear them any more.

So one thing led to the other. I discovered that my ISP offered "free" web hosting, so for a while, I just began to use their HTML editor and post some text and pictures of my boots to inventory my collection and get my partner's complaints addressed. However, soon I discovered that my ISP's "free" web space was slow, difficult to use, and wasn't providing a good "experience" for visitors to my website. Many would drop in and quickly leave because the pages weren't responsive, slow to load, and (honestly), were ugly.

A few months later, I found that the domain,, was available. I bought it. I asked questions and got a lot of help from people more knowledgeable than me, especially the technical guru behind the website, Bill. He and his partner Larry ( webmaster) offered advice and suggestions, comments and constructive criticism, as did a few other guys who I met through hotboots who also know a lot about these things. I sincerely appreciate their help. Bill and Larry both strongly urged me to put my website on a web host, which would improve the speed and was a heck of a lot easier to use. I took their advice (which is always good) and put on Hurricane Electric, which provides superb, virtually uninterrupted highly reliable service and support.

As my uncle's health was deteriorating and I was spending more time with him, I had learned enough about web building that I didn't have to (nor have time to) spend as much time on it. I spent time with my uncle until he passed away at the rich old age of 95, with dignity and honor, at home with his loving wife of 64 years nearby. I'll never regret that experience and the honor of caring for such a wonderful, sweet man.

Soon after squaring away my uncle's affairs, and with the urging of my partner, I re-entered the full-time job market and was quickly employed. I love my job, but working full-time has its drawbacks in that I don't have nearly as much time to work on my website as I would like. But when I do, it's fun. I have learned a lot and thank goodness on how well Google works so I can inquire about certain web techniques and learn from examples of others.

So why did I create my own website? Several reasons, really: to inventory my boot and leather gear collection; to learn HTML and web techniques; to exercise my mind by learning new skills; and to have fun. That's it -- it's an avocation that is fun. It's not about me; it's not an ego thing. It's just fun.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Suit and Boots

It was "suit and boots" time again at our state legislature for this civic activist yesterday. I testified before a committee which is considering a bill to repeal our state's mandatory motorcycle helmet law. I believe the law should be retained. There are far too many head injuries of motorcyclists in other states where the law is not in place. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear the opposing arguments about freedom, heat, etc., etc., but I don't buy it. And I hope the bill dies in committee, which it looks like it will.

I was wearing my Dan Post Brown Ostrich Leg Cowboy Boots and this new brown leather blazer, shirt & tie, etc. A few bikers were there were in traditional "biker" attire -- chaps, jeans, boots, and vests with a zillion metal pins on them. What was amusing to me is that the bikers were really holding up the security line, and several of them had to help each other take off the other's boots. It was interesting viewing for this Bootman!

So there I am, standing behind this huge line of bikers at security, them in the boots and leathers (my customary attire) and me in a suit (not customary attire). The guard looked at me and said, "let me look in your bag and then you can go around." So I by-passed the show in the building lobby. Imagine, being a boot & leather man and yet having a suit be the reason why I'm given the fast lane. I just laughed all the way to the hearing room.

Since I was on the opposing side of several of the booted bikers in the audience, let's say they weren't all that happy with me. As I was leaving, one of them stuck his boot out so that I had to step over his leg or risk tripping. As I was stepping over him, I just smiled and said, "nice Wescos. I have several pairs of those boots myself." He gave me a puzzled look.

Anyway, as I go about my daily routine, be it at work or as a community and civic activist, I'm booted all the way.... but perhaps not always in leather, as much as I would like to be.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Bartering for Boots

I once lived in a European economy where much was exchanged on barter, rather than for cash. I could offer a product or service in exchange for another, and ultimately, I would get what I needed and was able to help others.

Bartering isn't done that much in the U.S. But it can be done if you know when, how, and where to look. For example, I have a buddy who runs a business. He is often overwhelmed with tax questions. While I'm no expert, I've been around the block once or twice. So in exchange for advice and consultation, he gave me something from his inventory: a new pair of Chippewa oil-tanned Engineer Boots. While I wasn't necessarily looking for another pair of boots that I already have, I wouldn't turn 'em down, either. They are very comfortable boots. They're unlined, so you can feel the tall boot shaft rubbing gently on the calf (a good feeling!). I am certain that I will put them to good use while riding my motorcycle. I'll then feel a tad less badly about muckin' in snud, mud, or other wet stuff in the older pair, which take abuse well and come back for more.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Originally uploaded by bootedharleydude
Took a cruise in my bike cop boots. I really liked this photo.


Just computing tax returns today for seniors; then preparing home-made chicken soup later.

I am in my Nocona diamondback rattlesnake cowboy boots this morning. These boots are so comfortable, look great with blue jeans, and make an excellent sound when I walk in them. Someone asked me recently what boots I think are most comfortable, and these are among them.

I'll switch to some Biker Boots after I return from the seniors' visits, as someone is coming by to look at my Harley that's for sale. So the switch to biker attire and boots is needed. I'll take the Harley for a short ride to warm it up. Thank goodness all evidence of "snud" (posted about yesterday) is gone.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


It was rainy and wet yesterday, and I worked from home. Today (Saturday), it's clearing. Riding on the roads after such weather causes "SNUD" -- Snow/Mud combination. Kinda fun sometimes just to get off the bike and walk around....

My old Chippewa Oil-Tanned Engineer Boots fill the bill. Comfy old boots that have been everywhere and have done everything, including tramping in some SNUD. Now, time to clean the Harley....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Men Into Leather and BDSM

There is a common assumption among many in the gay world that all men who enjoy leather also always are into BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, and Sado-Mascochism, sometimes referred to SM or S&M). According to Wikipedia, BDSM "defines a spectrum of behaviors, including dominance, submission, punishment, masochism, bondage, role play, and a large variety of other activities, frequently sexual in nature."

And while it's true that many men who are into BDSM are into leather and uniforms which fulfill their role playing for such activities, I contend that it is not true the other way around: not all men who are into leather are into BDSM. Many guys into BDSM use leather products, such as restraints, collars, whips, paddles, and similar items as part of their sex play. Some who enjoy BDSM have told me that they get much more of a sexual charge in certain "SM scenes". I'll leave it at that; this is a G-rated Blog.

As for me, I have witnessed actual torture in some parts of the world. I have observed man's inhumanity to man. It was dreadful, frightening, and I felt woefully deficient and horrible if I couldn't put a stop to it. What I saw was so repugnant and horrifying that I had nightmares for years following. I tried to help those who were tortured recover from their wounds, both physical and mental, and my "mental wounds" will never go away.

Because of my own experience, I could not consider engaging in BDSM activities, nor would I find it interesting, "fun," or sexually stimulating. In fact, if my mind is diverted to memories of those past witnessed events, I lose all interest in whatever I'm doing, turn pale, my stomach starts turning, and I need to sit down and do something to bring my mind back to reality and the current day.

Do I think BDSM is bad? Do I think poorly of men who engage in these activities? No! I truly believe that everyone can do and enjoy what they like, as long as the activities are consensual, safe sex is practiced, drugs aren't involved, and that there is a complete discussion among all participants beforehand. Honestly, I think one of the best writers on the topic is John Pendal, Mr. International Leather 2003. Read his writings (click on the index page then "Harness" columns).

As for me? I'm into leather because I'm a Biker, I like it, it feels good, is durable, warm, comfortable, and looks good on me (or I feel that it does). Are the Leathercops going to confiscate my gear because I'm not into BDSM? Ha! I'd like to know who they are and for them to try. That could be fun!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dirt Clods (oops)

I get home from work most days about a half-hour before my partner does. I go shed the work clothes and (especially in winter) put on the leather and tall boots. Some days I put food out for the birds and squirrels in the feeder in our back yard to save my partner the time, especially if it's cold or wet, as it was yesterday.

So here I am, in Wesco Motor Patrol Boots which have Vibram 100R non-marring soles. But I forget that it's wet and before I know it, dirt and leaves get into the sole treads (as shown.) ooops.... What's worse, I don't have a way to hose off the boot soles since our outside water faucets are turned off to prevent freezing. Without thinking (sometimes that's my middle name), I walk into the house and start dinner preparations.

The dirt dries, falls out... ooops. Clods galore, wherever I have walked. My partner is none too happy about that, and makes pronouncements, "At this specific date and time, you will vacuum the basement stairs!" and continues to grumble. Well, he has a point. Perhaps if I feed the birds, I should go do that in my dress clothes with leather-soled boots so I won't be as likely to pick up all the dirt in the soles of boots with big treads. Okay, BB, that's my plan. Meanwhile, I'm sweeping, vacuuming... such is the life of a Bootman.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An Avocation

I'd like to thank an exceptionally intelligent friend and who has a superb grasp of the English language who shared his insights with me about my blog post about my interest in boots and leather being a fetish or not.

What he said, which is an accurate statement, is that my interest in boots and leather is an avocation, which is defined as, "An activity taken up in addition to one's regular work or profession, usually for enjoyment; a hobby."

That's spot on: I get into my "boot and leather thing" by building my website, participating on-line, and communicating about boots and leather purely as a personal interest, beyond my profession. My profession is in an entirely different field, for which I have won international recognition.

Further, my astute friend pointed out that the term "fetish" is further defined as an irrational obsession. You can split hairs, but I know when to spend time with my interest in boots, and when to do other things. Boots don't obsess me, though perhaps I do devote more time to this hobby than perhaps other things. But my interest isn't irrational. For example, I wear the boots and leather I have regularly; not just "have it" to have it. I don't go into debt about it; and I don't toss aside responsibilities to my partner, my family, my friends, nor my community. Therefore, I don't think my avocation represents being irrational.

My friend concluded by saying that most people are too lazy to look up a real meaning of a word, and use the word "fetish" with reckless abandon. He went on to say that some may label me with that word because they don't bother to understand what it means. And that's the trouble with many folks these days, they just repeat what they hear without really knowing the meaning of what they are saying.

I'd like to thank my smart, well educated friend for his enlightenment. I'm blessed to have people like him in my life, which make my life so much richer.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fetish or not a Fetish?

For the third time in as many days, I've had people write or comment on some things I have posted or written elsewhere on the Internet saying that I must have a "boot fetish" and/or a "leather fetish."

According to Wikipedia, Fetishism means a sexual admiration of an inanimate object.

Well, I certainly like boots, and I enjoy my leather. Do I find boots and leather sexually attractive? No. Do I find a man wearing boots and leather sexually attractive? Maybe -- it depends on the man wearing them. Sure, I may say that a guy who looks good in boots and leather is "hot," but to me that's just the same thing as a straight man saying that a bikini-clad woman is beautiful. Does the straight man in this example have a bikini fetish? No more so than I have a boot or leather fetish (in my own opinion.)

Do I find my partner sexually attractive? Always. And when he is in boots and leather, it just adds to the enjoyment of the experience. But he is attractive to me for his mind and his integrity, honesty, and thoughtfulness, much more so than what he wears (or doesn't wear, as the case may be.)

Some insist that I must have a boot and leather fetish because I have "so much" of it (124 pairs of cowboy and motorcycle boots is a lot, I admit). But I really do wear them for the reasons they're made: as footwear. Not sexual wear. As for leather? Yeah, again, I have a fair amount of leather garments, which I wear when I ride my motorcycle, for warmth, around the house, and also when I enjoy more intimate relationships with my partner. To me, it's not that I am IN leather that gets me aroused. It's just fun to have fun with my partner when we're both in leather. I get well aroused with him without leather just as easily (and often.)

So I disagree with those who claim that I have a "boot fetish," "leather fetish," or whatever. I wear boots because they are practical for what I do and where I go, I like how they look, and I like how they feel. I wear leather for the same reasons, as well as for warmth and protection when I ride my motorcycle.

Also see my related follow-up blog post titled "An Avocation" for additional information.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Good Day for a Ride

Man, it's warm today! It's over 70F, and for mid-February in the DC area, that is very unusual. I had some chores to do around the house on this holiday, like try to fix a leaky faucet and some other things. I also was contacted by someone who is interested in looking at my Harley, which is up for sale as I'm lookin' at a new one. I'll ride my ol' Dyna over to his place later and perhaps work out a deal.

I'll miss the Low Rider. We've been all over the country together, two-up with my hunky partner. Sturgis South Dakota, McAlester Oklahoma, and many points in between. Not to mention the many miles I've ridden with my biker buds. Yeah, I'll miss this great bike, but after 15 years, it is time to move on. I just hope the guy buys it -- then I can get my new one. I promised my partner that I wouldn't get a new bike until the old one was sold. Meanwhile, I'm going to go for a ride on this nice day, in boots and leather, of course!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Chocolate Whipped Cream is Fun

Okay, after last night, I can validate that chocolate whipped cream is fun. Enough said; this is a G-rated blog. But man, the belated Valentine's night with my partner was g-r-r-r-r-e-a-t!

Today is a day to catch up on stuff; corporate and association tax returns; and other stuff. Doin' it in Naked Leather Jeans and Tall Wesco Harness Boots, typical weekend attire for me. Oh... why do they call it "Naked Leather"? Simply because the leather is not lined, so you feel the slightly rough cowhide on your own skin. A nice feeling!

Gotta get goin' to what's on my list, in leather and boots all the way.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

You Look Like a Good Solid Man in Those Boots

At a local grocery store this morning, I was escorting my elderly aunt to the car with bagfuls of groceries when I was stopped by a old fart doing a petition drive for a referendum to put a question on our ballot in November to ask if a law that was passed by our county that prohibits discrimination against transgender people should be repealed. I have mentioned this in previous posts.

The misguided old man said, "you look like a real good son, and a good solid man in those boots. Do you want to allow men to use women's bathrooms?"

I blew up. The law that was passed by our county (unanimously) simply says that transgender people should be included among the protected classes that are already included in our county's civil rights laws. Existing law also says that operators of public facilities, such as gyms and spas, can designate who can use certain rooms such as restrooms that are purely personal and private. Therefore, this new law does not require operators of public facilities to permit men to use women's bathrooms or vice-versa.

Thus, when this misguided old fart approached me complimented me
on my boots, he was assuming that I would want to join their hateful, spiteful, narrow-minded misinformation campaign because, as he said, "you must be a real solid man." He sure had another thing coming! I told him just what I thought of his mean-spirited campaign, especially that he is engaging in fear-mongering by taking advantage of seniors to spread misinformation.

I thought the old guy was going to have a cardiac arrest by the way he sputtered and fumed and carried on in response to what I said in a calm but factual voice. I'm so sorry for this man, and his few mean-spirited, misguided so-called friends whose humanity is only smaller than their narrow minds. Pictured here as well are the boots I had on today. I guess Justin Square-Toed Cowboy Boots look like a "solid man's boots."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cowboy Boot Clunkin'

There's something special about the sound of that "clunk" when walking in a quality pair of cowboy boots. Today I put on my Lucchese Black Cherry Ostrich Boots to wear to work. While I don't dress cowboy (jeans, flannel shirt, hat) at work, the boots look good with dress clothes and they make a great sound on the sidewalks and in the office as I move around. Always reminds this Bootman what's on his feet! And these boots are darned comfortable, too. Lucchese Boots are known for comfort and these boots are no exception.

One reason why I have so many cowboy boots and motorcycle boots is to have a variety of choices to select from for boots to wear every day. I often change boots two or three times a day, or more frequently on weekends. Boots, to me, aren't a "fetish" as they are practical, every-day wear. As I've often said, "life is short: wear your boots!" Enjoy this day, which is special 'cause you're in it!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My valentine

Today is a Happy Valentine's Day. A very happy one indeed because I have the pleasure of sharing the 14th of February for the 14th Valentine's Day we've been together with the man of my life, my love, my very own Valentine. This man means the world to me. His love, compassion, intelligence, romance ... all are so very special. He has a great head for finance, is solid and strong, reliable, and caring. He has a gentle side which is quite adorable, especially as I see him care for me, his mother, and the creatures in our forest. My mere words on this little blog can not express how very much I love him with all of my heart and soul. BikerBeef, BuffTuff, or whatever he goes by on-line, is merely an expression, and I am so very fortunate to have the "real deal" each and every day as we enjoy our home, our families, and our lives together. What a treasure it is to have my very own Valentine's Day, each day I get to look deep into my partner's eyes and say, "I Love You A Whole Much!"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Booted for slick roads and walks

Winter never seems to be lacking the ability to surprise. Late yesterday afternoon, the temperatures were just below freezing and it began to rain. Thus, every drop that fell froze. That made for treacherous conditions on walkways and roads. Because of that, they suspended the operations to pick up seniors to bring them to vote, because nobody wants anyone to suffer a fall.

After spending a few more hours countering the nit-wit homophobes who were spreading misinformation and lies in order to scare seniors into signing a petition to bring a transgendered anti-discrimination bill to a referendum (promoting the "Decline to Sign" efforts), I went home, had a late dinner, and called it a night.

This morning, the ice build-up had caused intermittent power outages, the schools and federal government were on a two-hour delay, and I thought we'd have a heck of a commute. But we left at our usual oh-dark-30 time and it was no problem getting to Metro. Unfortunately, the power was out at the Metro garage, but I always carry a flashlight in my briefcase, so I was all set. Beats the yuppies trying to use their cell phones as mini-flashlights. Metro ran on time and I was at work early!

Boots I've got on today? Chippewa Firefighter Boots are very comfortable, look good (especially since I gave 'em a shine yesterday), and have a great tread sole to provide traction in wet and slick weather. They also look good with dressier clothes that I wear to work.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Getting out the vote

Today I have been given the day off work to volunteer during our state's primary elections. I pick up seniors and drive them to the voting polls, and then bring them home. I have 100 people on my list throughout the day for whom I will be providing transportation.

How am I dressed? Jeans, parka (it's cold!), and my Chippewa Firefighter Boots. Comfortable boots with a great Vibram sole will get a workout today.

While I won't be electioneering (persuading for a particular candidate), I will be advocating for the "decline to sign" campaign. Homophobic jerks in our county are attempting to scare senior citizens into signing a petition to bring a transgendered bill that was passed by our county to referendum in November. If these backwards-thinking ding-dongs have their way, they will collect enough signatures to require voters to affirm or deny our county's anti-bias bill that was passed unanimously, and cause a big civil rights fight this November. These thoughtless dumb-dumbs should fail in their quest to acquire enough signatures, and I'll do my best to educate my friends to decline to sign.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thick socks, tall boots

The thermometer indicated that it was 13F this morning before I left for work at oh-dark-30. Ouch! I just wish Mother Nature wouldn't fool with my head. It was in the mid-50s on Saturday, perfect for a great mid-Winter ride on my Harley. Then the wind blew in strongly and the temps plummeted on Sunday. But it is February, and this is the DC area, so I'm not surprised. At least we didn't get howling winds with snow or ice as happened elsewhere in the country.

I'm wearing tall cop boots today, pants over, at work. I just like the feel of tall boots on my legs, even though you can't see the boot shafts. And because it's so darn cold, I have on thick poly/wool socks which keep my feet warm, but not so hot as to cause my feet to sweat. Just right.

There are some Bootmen who enjoy wearing boots without socks. Funny, the few times I've gone sockless, my feet have sweat like crazy. I detest sweaty feet. I don't like the grimy, slippery feeling or the smell. (I'm just not one of those guys.) So it's always socks + boots, and tall boots when it's cold. Or when I'm on my Harley. Or, heck, just when(ever) ... until it gets hot again, then the boots tend to get shorter.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I haven't blogged in several days because work had me in Nashville in charge of an event. It went well, but kept me really busy. The spirit of my dear friend who died last week was with me, and she would have been with me in Nashville had she not had to have surgery.

The return from Nashville to my home in Maryland on Friday night was an almost-disaster, with US-scareways canceling my return flight so I had to switch over to Delta and endure a layover in Atlanta. I got home at 1:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

After a fitful sleep, my partner and I headed over to the church where a memorial mass for my friend was held. Soon enough, the church was packed. Many dignitaries from all over the state and nearby jurisdictions were there. Bike cops lined the entrance and directed traffic, and a local fire company put up its ladders in a formation above the church driveway.

I had spoken with my friend's husband and family and expressed my personal thoughts and love during formal visitation and also by phone, and shared my own eulogy for my friend and mentor during the service. I followed a couple elected officials whose eulogies were rather uninspiring, thus putting the pressure on me even more. I think I did okay. Thank goodness for years of public speaking experience, as I was composed and spoke fondly of my friend, using humor and joy, without breaking up (until I got home later.)

I shall miss my friend in many ways, but her legacy continues to move me forward. I just ask myself, "what would (M) do?" and then do it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Buy one pair, get two pairs free!

Today I'm in Nashville, Tennessee for a gig I'm doing for work. We arrived early, and walked down to Broadway for lunch. After lunch, we strolled Broadway and stopped in a couple of boot shops. One of them was offering a special, "buy one pair, get two pairs free."

Well, this Bootman couldn't resist! And I got two people who work with me booted as well! They picked out a pair of boots for themselves, and I picked out these really great looking Dan Post brown wingtips. When we divided out the cost, these boots only cost me $85. Wow! A great deal! And like all my other Dan Post Cowboy Boots, they were comfortable right away. And they feel really great on my legs. I'll be booted at my event in these boots tomorrow. I'm a happy Bootman tonight!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sendras at the office

Sendra cowboy boots are just plain ol' cool. These are the boots on my feet today at work. They are very good looking, comfortable, and make an excellent "clunk" sound when I walk in them. I'm glad they aren't that tall (only 12"), because the shafts are narrow and if the boots were taller than that, they would squeeze my calf.

I'm mulling over what boots to wear and bring with me on a business trip to Nashville tomorrow through Friday. And to top that off, I hear there are great boot stores not far from my hotel. Oh man, what's a Bootman like me to do? Check back... I'll tell 'ya.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Clearing the head

I remain saddened and am grieving for the loss of my dear friend who died unexpectedly on Feb. 1. But it's no fun moping around the house, and my partner doesn't know what to do with me when I get this way.

Sunday afternoon was exceptionally pleasant and unusually warm for early February. So I booted up in my tall brown Wesco harness boots, leathered up my legs and body, and went for a ride. My partner filmed me doing some spins in a parking lot, which I'm using as a sales vid since I am selling my current Harley so I can get another one soon.

I also shot a vid and posted it on YouTube of the boots on the bike. I had always fantasized about the "boots on bike" thing since CHiPs back in the '70s. I got to do my own. A nice ride in boots and leather on a nice day helped clear my head and prepare me for a difficult week ahead.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Life is short

My mentor, friend, and hard-working local elected official about whom I referred in my blog post on Wednesday, died unexpectedly today as a result of complications from her surgery. I'm devastated.

Just remember, tell those you love that you love 'em, each and every day. Life is short. Wear your boots, wear your leather, but most of all, love those you love like there's no tomorrow.

I love you, BikerBeef!

Vintage Frye Boots

Frye boots are legendary in the boot world. When I was developing my boot fetish as a teen, it was the '70s and Fryes were definitely cool boots! Lots of guys at school wore them. And they were affordable! About once a month, a shoe store in town ran a sale, and for $40, I could get myself a pair of these boots. I saved my pennies and bought, literally, dozens of these boots between 1970 and the late '80s. I wore them everywhere -- rode my motorcycle with 'em, stomped in mud with 'em, to work, to meetings, to school. I just lived in these boots.

Unfortunately, they really aren't that comfortable and when I discovered that other boots were more comfortable, I wore Fryes less. But my passion remains, and about 10% of my boot collection is composed of Fryes.

And I can tell that I'm not alone, because every month as I review the statistics for my Top 16 Most Viewed Boots list on my website, Fryes have consistently been ranked #1. About ten times as many visitors to my website looking at boots look at Fryes than any other maker or style. I really wonder why. Give me a comment with your thoughts.