Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tall Boots for Cold Weather

So like the rest of the United States, the DC area is bracing for the coldest temperatures yet this century. By Friday evening, it it forecast to be in the single digits (F). I know it is colder further north, but it's all relative.

I am wearing many layers, including a leather vest at work today, and my tall black Wesco harness boots. With corduroy pants that stack nicely on top of them, these boots don't look so huge.

I can't wear any additional leather at work -- it doesn't fit the dress code and considering that I have my performance appraisal today, I'm not going to attempt to challenge it (at least for today LOL!)

I will "leather up" more completely when I get home from work. But what will keep me warm is sitting with my wonderful man, holding his hand, and keeping close, then snuggling under the covers when we go to bed. Thank goodness, no meetings tonight!

Oh: the typical DC-area "brain death" or "snow freaking-out" is going on. Most school districts in the area are having a delayed opening because they saw a few flakes of snow this morning. OMG, they'll never learn. And to think, when I was a kid, I had to trudge up hill (both directions!) for miles through mountains of snow to go to school. Or so it seemed.

Nowadays, all they have to do around here is to predict snow, and the yuppies run to the grocery store to buy everything in sight, whether or not they need it, then put on their tassled loafers, top coat, no hat, no gloves, and feel invincible driving their four-wheel-drive vehicles to work. I just love it around here; seriously, I do. It is soooooo amusing!

Life is short: Wear your boots! (keep warm, and keep smiling among the ditzy-ness!)

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Euge said...

All I want is a room somewhere
Faraway from the cold night air
With my enormous boots
Oh wouldn't it be loverly?

Lots of leather to give me heat
Lots of gloves making my hands neat
Warm hands warm face warm feet
Oh wouldn't it be loverly?