Monday, January 26, 2009

What Cop Outfit Are You With?

I wore my black leather jeans with the blue stripe on the side yesterday. I like these jeans; they are very comfortable, and are made of thick high-quality top-grain cowhide. They were made custom for me by Northbound Leather of Toronto, Canada. My partner got them for me as a Christmas present in 2005.

I wore these jeans throughout a busy day, where I prepared some pasta and beef dishes for the week ahead. I also made a home-made apple pie, with a home-made crust and fresh apples that were on sale at the grocery store. (I wonder where they got fresh apples to sell for $0.68/lb this time of year???)

Between cookin' up stuff in the kitchen, I visited my friends who fell on Saturday. Both are doing fine. (No mention of the leather. It's no big deal to those who know me.)

Later, my partner and I went to a big-box electronics retailer to get an HD Tivo -- not that I really care much, but my partner wants it so he can download movies and watch programs he records in HD. While I was at the store, a guy came up to me and asked, "What cop outfit are you with? Those are Dehner boots, right? You ride? What cops around here wear leather?" He was dead serious, and seemed to be very interested in the leather jeans, the boots, and the guy in them.

My partner stood to the side and watched. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was quite amused.

I answered the guy's questions honestly, and said that I'm not a cop, but I do ride a Harley. I also confirmed that despite what both he and I might like to see, no motorcops in the area wear leather breeches or pants -- or even leather jackets. Just boots. He said, "oh" and shrugged.

He smiled, thanked me for the info, and then noticed my partner behind me. He asked, "is he with you?" I smiled, and said, "yes he is. He's my partner!" The guy's eyes lit up as he said "hi" to my partner. He thanked me for answering his questions, and bid his farewell. The conversation and encounter was kinda fun. It's nice to enjoy wearing leather when we're out and about, and have these chance conversations.

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