Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Law Ride: Photo Gallery

I took about 150 pictures and some video during Law Ride last Sunday. I liked this picture a lot, and so did many others. In fact, my buddy Mike of Stompers Boots requested permission to post this pic of a cop in Chippewa Hi-Shine Boots on the Stompers website. Of course, I said "yes!"

After Law Ride was over, my life continued its usual tightly controlled spin, with working full-time, consulting, helping neighbors, planning a big community home-repair event at the end of the month and securing donations for it, attending some meetings in my community, checking in on my aunt, and caring for my partner and our home. This is all while still insisting on getting 8 hours of sleep each night.

Thus, the time required to crop and edit the photos, then to write code (which I do directly, not with any web page-producing software) ... it's a rather heavy demand. But it all comes down to balance and multitasking.

Well, it's all done now, and posted on my website. I announced it on Wednesday last week, and again last night after I added a gallery on the Beemer Ballet. The traffic to my website has been tremendous. If you haven't seen the gallery yet, drop by for a visit!

Life is short: wear your (cop) boots!

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