Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1: Must Be Kansas City

I have had a lot of short trips for work lately. Today I am in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. I am completing Day 2 of a major conference that I am running. It is going well, but keeping me very busy. The hotel staff are wonderful and very helpful everywhere I turn. Generally that's true of everyone I have met in Kansas City. Genuine Midwestern helpful charm is the norm.

The city itself has a character, though, of just "dying" after 5pm. I looked out my hotel room window at 6, and there were no cars on the streets as far as the eye can see. I am assured that people are here. You just can't see them. They all skedaddle home after work. Come to think about it, I do that too back home in DC.

KC is known for barbeque, which is the bane of my existence. Being "over-barbequed" here last summer, I was briefly hospitalized. I am finding alternatives that are compatible with my sensitive internal system on this trip. Man, the steak last night was great!

Tonight I will be having dinner with two guys I met through "BOL". Very nice men, and who like boots as I do. We will entertain Grandma (one of the guy's grandmothers) and catch up on our respective lives. Then they will extend their Midwestern hospitality by taking me boot shopping at Kleinschmidt's tomorrow. I had a great experience with them taking me there last summer. With over 11,000 pairs of boots, this Bootman will be in heaven. Don't know if or what I may get, ... check back... news at 11 (well, in a few days, anyway.)

Meanwhile, I "only" brought two pairs of my own boots to wear. My recently purchased Lucchese Ostrich cowboy boots, and a pair of Dan Post Ostrich Leg boots. They go well with the clothes I have to wear at this event. (Thank goodness, no jacket or tie!) Some of the men in the group are wearing boots, too, including several law enforcement types in tactical boots.

Life is short: wear your boots!

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