Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Law Ride: The Ride

There is just something fundamentally cool to be riding with a huge group of motorcyclists on a parade past blocked roads toward the United States Capitol Building. You ride right up to the East side of the Capitol on E. Capitol Street, then turn right on Capitol Circle, then left on Independence Avenue.

Independence Avenue is on a slight hill, so as you look ahead, all you see are the police motor officers and other bikers as far as the eye can see. Man, what a view. What a sight! I can't express the thrill I feel in doing this. What a rush. It's fun and memorable.

Let's remember law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty, and their families. I among many sincerely appreciate and am thankful for their work -- and their sacrifice. This is what Law Ride is all about. It's not just a kick to ride as a big mob through the streets of DC. Gotta remember that.

But I just have to say this: "this is really cool! Woo-hoo!"

Life is short: Let's RIDE!

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