Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Police Week: Sucker for a Smiling Cop

I am a sucker for a smile. It brightens my day to see people smile, and I smile often myself. But I am especially happy to see a cop whose smile naturally compliments his attractiveness, such as the officer shown here.

I met him on Law Ride on May 10. He is among those who explained the differences between riding a Police Harley and a Police BMW, that I blogged about last week. He is from the city of Folsom, California. He joined the bunch from Sacramento County who trucked their police BMWs back to DC so they could participate in the various events of Police Week.

This officer is a very nice guy. He smiles naturally as you speak with him. It's obvious that he likes people, enjoys his job, takes it seriously, and that he is naturally talented to succeed in his line of work.

I saw him again last Friday as law enforcement officers and officials were gathering at the U.S. Capitol for a somber memorial service to remember those who have died in the line of duty, and to hear various elected officials pay tribute to the dedication and service that law enforcement officers provide to keep all of us safe.

Because the service was formal, all of the officers dressed in their most formal uniforms, including this officer. His uniform was clean and pressed; his boots were shined to perfection. It was a bit warm that day (80°F, 27°C) but quite humid (more typical of the humidity Washington is known for in the dead of summer, not in May.) This officer appeared to be a bit warm, and I asked about that. He said, "yeah, I'm steamy."

Well, officer, you've made me steamy, too (LOL). I enjoyed our conversations. I was pleased to take your photo with your camera of you and your bike at the Capitol. Thank you for letting me take your photo with my camera as well. Also, thanks much for adding to this humble guy's knowledge and appreciation for your fine work, appearance, and classy style.

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