Saturday, February 5, 2011

Should I Get Wesco Leather Lining?

This Google search from Canada asks:

"Should I get Wesco leather lining?"

Owning and riding my Harley with a dozen pairs of Wesco boots, both lined and unlined, I have some opinions.

While it is more expensive, leather lining will make the boots stand up on their own after they break in, last longer, as well as provide a bit more protection from the heat of a motorcycle engine.  If you intend to wear the boots while riding a motorcycle, then I definitely recommend coughing up the extra bucks to get the boots made with leather lining.

If you may wear the boots while engaging in linesman work, wildland firefighting, logging, or other outdoor work or activities, then I also definitely recommend leather lining.  The lining adds to the overall comfort as well as provides better protection for the ankles and legs.

If, however, you intend to wear the boots to knock around the neighborhood for casual wear, and never use them while operating a motorcycle or engaging in outdoor work where protection is necessary, then the choice is yours.

Leather-lined boots can be a bit warmer than unlined boots, but only if the boots fit snugly on the legs.  If the boots are made custom so there will be a bit of space between the legs and the boot shaft so the boots can "breathe," then you probably will not notice the boots feeling hot to wear after a long period.

On very hot days, I do not wear Wesco boots while riding my motorcycle.  The leather of Wesco boots is very thick, durable, and solid.  Those boots get hot when worn in hot weather.  Instead, when riding on hot days, I choose to wear Chippewa Firefighter Boots or (unlined) Engineer Boots instead of Wesco Boots.

To summarize:  "should I get Wesco Leather Lining?"  Generally, my opinion is, "yes, you should" but answer the question about how and where you will be wearing them -- while operating a motorcycle or doing outdoor labor -- or casually without requiring the added protection that leather lining provides.

Life is short:  wear boots.

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