Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When a Boot Sale Isn't a Boot Sale

I tell 'ya, it isn't easy receiving email after email from my favorite boot stores offering this-n-that deal.  A few companies send email about once each quarter offering what truly is a sale price on certain boots.  Since I have them all (LOL!), I just check out the photos and surf on.

It does get annoying, however, when Sheplers sends email almost every day pleading, "only 6 days left -- all boots on sale" ... then when you check a week later, it's the same darned so-called sale with the same prices, with yet more pleas saying, "only 3 days left!  Hurry!" (insert breathlessness).

As they say, "caveat emptor."  Especially caveat those Sheplers people.  I like them and their products, I just don't like their pricing policy with the list prices for their boots being marked up so the "discount" brings the boots to a price that is about the same as other retailers' regular prices.  I also do not like the frequency of their email.  Every day, really?  Don't they realize we can see through their ploy?

Don't get me wrong -- Sheplers has some great boots at competitive prices once you work through the hype and pricing techniques.  Their shipping charges are the highest in the U.S. western boot retailer industry, which is a major consideration.

Anyway, I recommend when shopping around for boots to get the exact name and style number of the boot that you want and then enter that into Google.  You may find the boots at a significantly lower cost elsewhere. (This past blog post gives some tips on shopping for boots on the Internet).

Caveat Emptor -- Let the buyer beware.  It was true back in Roman times when the term was invented, and remains true today.

Life is short:  compare and shop before buying! 

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