Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Travels Again

Portland, Oregon, finds me pursuing my work with great interest and vigor.  I arrived on Monday to participate in several days chock full of meetings.  It is a very beautiful area, with exceptionally hospitable and friendly people.  The light rail system is great and very convenient, as well as half the cost of DC's Metro.

Considering what I have been through this past week with the death of my aunt, having a business trip come up now is actually very good timing.  I needed a break and since I enjoy my job so much, this is a great way to change my thinking totally and to focus on learning new things, meeting new people, presenting information about what I am doing, and networking with professionals from the entire United States, including our Atlantic and Pacific island territories and Commonwealths.

I will be confirming site visits along the California coast in late March, and Hawaii after that. (No, this is not a junket ... seriously ... but any trip from CONUS to Hawaii is always considered a luau. I have many interests on several Hawaiian Islands that I need to see in person.)

Further, while I am here, I will confirm arrangements for a site visit to Saipan, and perhaps Tinian, which are part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, later this year.  Meanwhile, I am brushing up on my Puerto Rican Spanish, as I am having dinner with colleagues from P.R. tonight.

Life is short:  get busy!

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