Monday, February 28, 2011

What Do Motorcops Wear Under Their Boots?

Another search using Google landed on my website with a question, "what do motorcops wear under their boots?"

As I believe the only "dumb question" is one not asked, here's the answer.


It's mysterious...

Really ready?

Okay, here goes:


Yep, socks.

Any special kind of socks? Boot socks? Cop socks? Tall socks? Short socks?

... seriously, just plain old regular socks do just fine. If the boots fit well, then all you need are a good pair of cotton/poly blend socks that you can find in any retail store or on-line. I wear "woolverine" socks that I buy via BargainOutfitters, but you can find them on-line easily almost anywhere. The socks are thick, but not massive. They are comfortable and absorb sweat.

Boot socks are called that because they are longer than regular socks. But honestly, you don't need to go to the extra expense to buy boot socks. Regular socks do fine. But always wear socks -- not bare feet. Your feet actually feel warmer if you do not wear socks, and there is also a much greater chance of developing blisters if you wear boots without socks.

Regular socks come up high enough to fit with motor breeches, so you do not need longer socks -- like boot socks -- up to the knee. As long as the socks are long enough to meet the ends of breeches (or go over the ends of breeches as shown), then regular socks work just fine.

Now you know.

Life is short: wear socks with your boots -- motorboots or otherwise!

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