Friday, October 7, 2011

Travel Planning

After a summer without any business travel, the travel calendar is getting kinda busy for ol' travel-hardened BHD.

Seattle beckons me again -- for a whole week! This time, to facilitate a meeting. It's something I do, something I enjoy, yet is draining. Nonetheless, I look forward to returning to Seattle again; second time this year, in mid-October.

In mid-November, I am leading a major session at a professional conference in Las Vegas. I really get jazzed when I have a chance to do public speaking -- and before several thousand people, it becomes quite the "energizer!" Personally, I don't like Vegas. I don't gamble and am not interested in the night life. But I will look forward to seeing hundreds of colleagues and friends while I'm there in mid-November.

Mid-December will see me make that trip I have written about before. To the farthest-flung U.S. Commonwealth way out in the Pacific. I will be doing some training, participating in meetings, and getting to know people with whom I have only communicated via email. I look forward to it -- and while I have been there before, this will be the first time that I am not going there to pick up the pieces after a severe storm wiped out all of the infrastructure. On my return, I look forward to stopping off on Guam and then Hawaii for more meetings and to decompress.

Too bad my partner is unable to travel. I would love to have him with me. Alas, he will keep the home fires burning while I'm firing up a storm in the western parts of the United States, its commonwealths and territories.

Have I said recently, "I love my job?"

Life is short: show your passion!

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