Monday, October 3, 2011

More than 1300 blog posts later...

I usually note the milestones of this blog by the 100s, but when the 1300 mark arrived, which was my post about a new way of displaying bike cop galleries on my website, I did not want to delay announcing that gallery. Then I plum forgot (until now).

Not much has changed in the last 3-1/3 months since I celebrated the 1200 blog post milestone. What has been most popular on this blog? Finding a masculine gay man -- a perennial favorite search that lands thousands of visitors on this blog; How To Tell If You Have Vintage Frye Boots -- also an ongoing favorite, with many inquiries trying to determine what is "vintage" from the current Frye-branded much lower quality boots available these days; and finally, another ongoing favorite -- how, when, where, and with what to wear cowboy boots. Man oh man am I surprised by the vast number of guys who search the web anonymously about how to wear cowboy boots.

During the last 100 blog post timeframe, my partner had successful brain surgery, my twin brother and his wife visited for a month while he retired from 32 years of service to our country; and I rode my Harley around my lovely home state and didn't get lost (much.) We had a hot July, decent August, and very rainy September.

My "new" job at which I started working last November is going well. Four articles or papers that I wrote were published in two peer-reviewed journals, one monthly Association newsletter, and as a chapter in a book edited by a well-respected researcher and professional colleague. One of the papers received a lot of attention internationally and was nominated for an award from my professional association, which I will find out about later. As a result of that (and perhaps doing a few more things right,) I got a promotion of sorts by moving off of conditional probation earlier than the one-year timeframe originally set out in my employment contract and getting a small raise.

Life is going well, smoothly, and quietly. Not much else to report! Keep blogging!

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