Friday, March 23, 2012

Amusing Internet Searches

Every now and then, I look at internet searches that bring visitors to my website. Here are some of the more recent and amusing searches. Some I can answer, some I cannot, and one -- I haven't a clue. Here goes:

1. Good boots to wear with cows.

I guess the best recommendation that I can make for boots to wear with cows are boots that are made of skins such as lizard, ostrich, kangaroo, or goat. I betcha that cows would object if you wore leather boots made of... you know... their brethren.

2. How to cut jeans to fut over booys

While I have enjoyed many visits to Australia (see origination of this search), and I know we share the same language -- I still cannot figure out what "fut over booys" means. At all. (Perhaps this is a typing error since this was done on one of those i-gadgets).

3. What to say when someone asks why you are wearing cowboy boots.

Good question! Here are some suggestions --

a. I like how they look. Aren't they cool? Let me lift my pants so you can see them better.

b. If you think these boots are cool, you should see my boyfriend's boots! Wow!

c. I got them as a gift, and appreciate the thoughtfulness of (name of giver.)

d. These boots are more comfortable than your (dorky) dress shoes.

e. I'm tired of dressing like a clone.

f. My horse suggested the boots.

g. These boots fit and feel better than my horse's shoes.

h. Why not?

4. Can you wear men's motorcycle boots in summer?

Well, duh... summer is prime riding season. Bikers wear boots.

Answer, seriously: YES! You can (as yes, it is possible) to wear motorcycle boots in the summer. It is also preferable, as you "should."

However, some guys have had a bad experience with boots feeling hot during the summer. Boots that do not fit well or were made of materials other than leather (such as "man-made uppers") that do not breathe probably resulted in your feet and legs feeling fried, hot, and clammy.

Best way to resolve that situation is to invest in quality all-leather boots that fit you correctly. Please -- size of your sneakers is probably way off from the true size of your foot and correct boot size. Go into a shoe store and get both feet measured. (Funny thing, but most motorcycle dealers that also carry boots seldom have a device that measures foot size for boots.) Once you know your "shoe size," you can find a pair of boots that will fit.

Good quality, well-made boots, like Chippewa Firefighters or harness/engineer boots will not only feel good (and not be hot), they also will look good and protect you at the same time.

5. How should men wear cowboy boots?

Tah-dum: on their feet. 'nuf said. (I still can't believe how frequently this question is entered into a search engine.)

Life is short: wear boots on your feet ... and have a nice day!

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Tassiecub said...

Hehe, had a good laugh at this.

I think "How to cut jeans to fut over booys" is a typo of "How to cut jeans to fit over boots". Just look at your keyboard and see how close the letters are. I do have one of those dreaded i-gadgets, so i know.

That being said, being an Aussie, I thought that "fut" sounded a Kiwi pronunciation of "fit". LOL