Friday, March 30, 2012

More Amusing Searches

I cannot help but to laugh sometimes at what people search for on the internet, and they get directed to this blog or my website. Here are some of the latest...

1. What cowboys are wearing this year

Response: clothes. Always a good choice. Boots too, but that goes without saying.

2. What did cowboy have on boots?

Response: well, if he were on a farm or ranch, then this would be one time where I could use a word on this blog that would not be considered to be profane (in that context.) The word? Shit.

Man, when I lived on a farm and worked the barn and pasture, it was quite common that a LOT of cow, horse, and other animal shit got on my boots.

No problem, though -- a quick spray with a hose at the barn washed it off.

3. What's the name for cowboy boots?

Response: ??? Um, perhaps "Fred" or "Trent" or "Spike" or ....
I dunno, I have never named my boots. So the name for cowboy boots is, um, "cowboy boots." Now you know.

4. What's the difference between a rubber sole and a leather sole in a boot?

Response: one is made of rubber (actually, nitrile, a type of rubber), and another is made of leather. Rubber soles give a bit better traction, particularly in wet environments on working farms. Leather soles are usually worn on dress boots. Now you know.

5. The right or proper way to wear cowboy (or western) boots.

Man, this comes up so many times in searches that land on the Wearing Cowboy Boots page on my website. Short story? The proper way to wear boots is to pull them on and let your pants legs fall over them to stack on the boot foot. Stand tall, smile, and walk with a confident stride. The boots will contribute to your appearance as a strong, confident man (or woman.) That's it, pure and simple.

6. How to wear socks over boots

Response: I would not recommend wearing socks over boots. Instead, I recommend wearing socks over your feet, and then pull on the boots over your socks. Simple.

7. is boot cut pants for boots for jeans over boot (sic)

Response: I think what this person was asking is if jeans labeled "boot cut" are designed to wear over boots. The answer is -- yes! Just as the label says, "sized to fit over your boots."

Honestly, though, most regular guys wear straight-leg jeans with boots. The jeans are wide enough at the opening to fit over boots and (in my opinion) look even better than boot-cut jeans, because you can see more of the boot shaft under the leg of the jeans. That's a hot look that many women (and some men) admire.

8. How to wear men's cowboy boots and not look like a cowboy

Oh brother, someone from Houston, Texas, is worried about wearing boots and not looking like a cowboy? Really?

Well, if you want to wear cowboy boots and do not want to look like a cowboy, then wear other types of clothing, like khakis, dress slacks, or even a suit. Don't wear a hat (ball cap or traditional cowboy hat.) Wear a dress shirt with a collar and a single pocket, instead of a twill or double-pocket shirt with a western yoke. And top off the "non-cowboy" look by wearing a necktie. Real cowboys don't wear a noose (not if they can avoid it.) Real cowboys appear casual and comfortable in their boots.

One last piece of advice on how not to look like a cowboy -- hunch over, droop your shoulders, look timid, tiptoe or shuffle your feet, and squint your eyes. Look stiff and rigid. Yeah, that way you definitely will not have any remote appearance of looking like a casually-dressed, comfortable, confident cowboy. You will look more like the office clone back here on the East Coast.

Life is short: wear boots!

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