Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Replacement Wesco Boots?

Last week, I sold a pair of tall black Wesco harness boots. Those boots were very good-looking, and I liked them a lot. I received a lot of compliments on them when I wore them. However, they did not fit me any more and I agreed with my partner's assessment that keeping them would not be a good idea, as they would collect dust and make me feel sad because I couldn't wear them.

The boots sold at auction for a great price -- more than I paid for them originally. A couple people noticed that and sent me a message asking if I would replace them with a new pair, especially since the prices for Wesco boots are going up on April 1.

My reply?

No, I will not replace them with another pair of Wesco boots. While Wesco boots are top-of-the-line and are solid as a tank, I have plenty of other motorcycle boots that I like to wear. I have arrived at the point in my life where I choose boots for practical reasons and for comfort. I hate to say it, but Wesco boots are so heavy that my feet feel tired when I wear them. I do not attend leather fetish events where the boots would make a commanding appearance. I wear boots for practical reasons -- for safety when I ride my Harley.

Since I have other Wesco boots that still fit fine, as well as a stable of other good-quality motorcycle boots, I really do not "need" another pair of tall Wesco harness boots. I can do without replacing them, and keeping the funds in savings.

Generally, I am rather fiscally frugal, and the appeal to save money is greater to me than the appeal to pay a princely sum for another pair of boots that I do not need.

This is a difficult decision to make for someone like me, but at my age, it is time that I realize that priorities are changing. Collecting more boots that I will not wear but once in a while is not that good of an idea. Time to focus on the future. Save money, continue to build my reserve fund, retirement investments, and so forth.

My partner is in full agreement.

Does this mean that I have stopped acquiring boots and never will buy another pair? Not likely. But my priorities for buying boots that are built like a tank, are heavy and expensive, have changed.

Life is short: be willing to reassess priorities.

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