Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Parting with a Pair of Wesco Harness Boots

Wesco boots are the toughest, baddest boots on the planet. Guys who wear them know that these boots are durable, rugged, and good-looking. The boots attract attention from lots of people, straight and gay -- the knowing stares from people who recognize quality when they see it.

I have owned this pair of tall black Wesco harness boots for about six years. Relatively speaking, they are rather young in my boot collection.

Regretfully, though, I have to part with them. Why?

They don't fit me any more. Arrgghh... one of the consequences of my chronic health condition has affected the calf circumference of my legs. They have not ballooned, but even a half-inch (one measly centimeter) makes all the difference in the world.

I pulled these boots on the other day, and then soon enough my right leg, followed by my left, began to throb. I could feel the blood pulsing. While the boots fit my 10D feet just fine, the legs -- not.

What was upsetting is that I had these boots made custom to my size, including my calf circumference, back in 2006. I am unhappy that physically, what fit me only six years ago will not fit me now. Well, they do fit, but not comfortably. I could not wear these boots and take a long ride on my Harley without my legs hurting.

I sat down with my partner and explained how I was feeling, and with mixed emotions I accepted his honest assessment, "look, it is not likely that your legs will get better, even with medication, changes in diet, and working out as you have been doing. It's time to 'fish or cut bait' (an American expression for 'time to make a decision')."

I knew that he was right. The boots would collect dust on the shelf of my boot closet. That's not good for me -- creating more dust-magnets -- and not good for the boots that should be worn with pride and strength. These boots are so darn rugged, they will outlive and outlast not only me, the original buyer, but probably well into the next century, provided the boots are cared for as I have taken care of them.

If these boots could talk, they would say, "take me out and ride!" So rather than prolong the agony of hope that my condition may eventually change, I decided to list them on eBay, and move them on to someone else who will be able to wear them -- hopefully as designed for motorcycle riding, but in any event, get enjoyment out of them.

I put these boots up for auction on eBay. The auction ended on March 18. I was happy with the results of the auction. I hope the boots are happy in their new home.

Life is short: wear the most rugged, durable boots on the planet -- and always wear boots when you ride a motorcycle. Sneakers for the gym, and flip-flops for the trash.

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