Thursday, April 30, 2009

G'Bye, Starsucks

It's all my fault, blame it all on me. I just read the following in a local blog:

The latest round of Starbucks store closings hits East County, with locations in White Oak and Leisure World soon to shut down among 300 worldwide.

[Photo from the 'net; I'm not in it.] Both of the soon-to-close Starsucks locations are close to where I live. Okay, I'm not a wuss, I can take it: blame me! I really don't like the urban guppie/yuppie-ism to which Starsucks appeals, and the almost zombie-like drones who fall for it and spent $5 on a cup of coffee! Are they nuts or just made of money? (probably both. Just check their cell phone bills.)

Did I have something to do with the closing of these two stores because I never patronized them?

... I doubt it. But will I miss them?


Life is more simple and cost-effective when we do things like prepare our own meals and brew our own coffee at home.
In a month, you can save the world by donating the money you save to a good cause (or two, or three.) Donating to "good causes" is a great appeal to the save-the-planet guppies.

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