Monday, January 16, 2012

Dehner Patrol Booted

Today, Monday, marks a holiday in the United States. I have the day off from work. It also marks the end of "leather weekend." While I did not attend any of the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend events, I did have some time yesterday to take some photos of me in a new-to-me pair of Dehner patrol boots that arrived on Friday.

I was going to take a short ride on my Harley yesterday to break these boots in, but it was too darn cold, so I just leathered up, posted photos to my website, and enjoyed my partner's company.

What's special about these boots, and don't I have enough Dehner Boots already?

These Dehner patrol boots are made of all leather. I chose the Voyager leather, which is significantly less expensive than European Calf Leather which used to be the only all-leather Dehner boots available. I arranged a good buy of these boots.

Yeah, okay, I have a number of pairs of Dehner boots which I have acquired for many years. Some of my older pairs don't fit me all that well, but I still really like how they look and the style.

I can't wait to break these boots in properly with a good ride on the Harley, but until the weather breaks, that will have to wait. Meanwhile, I broke in these boots (manually, at first--see this post), then I wore them while wearing them all day Sunday, starting with taking some senior pals to church, then running some errands, and then taking some pics for a photo shoot for my website. After that -- snuggle time with my partner (with my boots on!)

Today, I will be in work boots and jeans while doing a major home safety make-over for a sweet senior couple to whom I was introduced recently. I have recruited several friends, including some pros (carpenters and electricians). We will spend the day as a day of service commemorating the values of Dr. Martin Luther King, whose birthday is the reason for this holiday. I am putting my time off to good use (and no longer terrorizing the 'hood by running around in full leather LOL!)

Life is short: enjoy your boots!

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Sarge D said...

The Dehner patrol has been a long-time favourite of mine - probably because it was the first boot I ever bought back in the 80's to go with my first CHP uniform. Didn't even know the name back then, but loved the lines and look of it. Still do. They make a FANTASTIC boot.