Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mid-Atlantic Leather

Yep, it's that time of year again for the second-largest gathering of the leather clan in the United States -- an event called Mid-Atlantic Leather. It begins on Friday, January 13, and runs through Sunday night/Monday morning with a dance.

Leather, boots, hormone-driven gay men... all in one place in Washington, DC.

Okay, I've got the boots, leather gear, and last I checked, my hormones are still working. Will I be attending?

Nope... and regular readers know why. My partner is not well, and even if he were, this event is better suited for the younger single guys rather than us old farts who live out in the suburbs and think it's late when the clock strikes 21:00 (9pm.) LOL! Plus, at $180 for the cost of registration, not to mention the cost of a hotel room -- sorry, I can think of many other things on which I would rather spend my money.

Yeah, I speak for myself when I say, "old fart." There are many guys of all ages who attend "MAL". I admire the guys my age and older who can put up with the noise, lack of sleep, and who seem to thrive on an active nightlife that goes late into the night into the wee hours of the morning. Not for me, not for my partner, and not for us as a couple since we don't play around with other men. Sorry, not interested.

Sure, I'd like to catch up with some guys I know who will be attending, and watch guys strutting in their leather finest. Perhaps attend the BLUF gathering on Saturday afternoon... though I can't stand the surly bartenders at the Green Lantern bar, that's where this event will be held (while official "MAL Events" are all at the Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill). Chit-chat with guys from the HotBoots site... perhaps in the hotel lobby or around the MAL event itself. Tempting... but not this year.

That kind of thing is not my life these days, and won't be. I have grown beyond it. Don't take this wrong -- I am not implying immaturity or anything wrong with the guys who enjoy this highly social event. Staying up late, drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking cigars, and swapping stories with other guys dressed in leather is not something I want to do any more.

If you go, enjoy seeing old friends, making new friends, and taking it all in -- the one time each year that you will see guys in boots and leather on the streets of DC, in bars and restaurants, and visiting monuments. Otherwise, DC is rather staid and "suit-y" in dark, drab clothing and ugly dress shoes.

Also, remember to play safe. Seriously -- AIDS is still easily transmissible among those who let their guard down, especially if they're drunk or high or both. And it is such a tragedy that this disease is still so prevalent when its spread can be prevented by taking some simple precautions. (You know what they are!)

Life is short: realize when interests change.

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