Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wearing Cowboy Boots

This message was posted on schedule on August 24, but got overshadowed by a fresh post I did that day, so I moved it to today. Enjoy.

One might think that maintaining a website that catalogs a large collection of cowboy boots and motorcycle boots, as well as leather gear, might generate a number of visits for various reasons.  What has amazed me is that for more than a year now, over half of my daily visitors land on my web page titled, wearing cowboy boots.  Not leather, not any particular brand of boots, and not even cop galleries (which remains second highest in daily visits.)

Take a look at the list of internet queries on the left. That's a real-time image of the internet searches that bring visitors to my website.  The most frequent keywords or questions entered into an internet search engine that drive visitor's to my "wearing cowboy boots" page are:
  • Tuck jeans (or pants or trousers) into cowboy boots or not?
  • how to wear cowboy boots
  • What are stacked jeans?
  • Is it okay to wear boots with a suit?
  • Can you wear cowboy boots with khakis?
Oh, and I loved the one that said, "where cowboy boots with a suit."  That guy has to go back to school... but I digress.

Sheesh... it continues to cause me to wonder why so many people -- literally, thousands per day -- use the internet to ask these questions.  Well, I know one reason is that an internet search is anonymous. Nobody really knows who is asking such questions.  But I wonder if the sheer volume of these kinds of questions poses a larger question:  are guys that insecure? Curious? Inquisitive? Looking for confirmation?

I really don't know.  However, because of the volume and frequency with which questions like this direct people to my page about how to wear cowboy boots (with jeans, khakis, and suits), I updated that page, compleat with images that demonstrate how long jeans should be, what color boots go well with certain clothes, and that it IS okay to wear boots with khakis and suits in an office (or a wedding, etc.) 

It really IS okay to wear cowboy boots, guys.  If you're asking, you will get that confirmation from me. Heck, I wear boots every day, including with dress clothes in an office.

Life is short:  wear boots!

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