Monday, April 9, 2012

Is It Okay to Wear Cowboy Boots to Work?

You think I make this stuff up, but here's proof that even in the cowboy boot-wearing capital of the United States, there remains people who obsess about whether or not they can wear cowboy boots. In Texas of all places! Sheesh!

Answer: yes, of course you can. Any reservations are all in your head. If people say something about your wearing boots, just say, "thanks ... I'm glad you like them." That's it. Simple.

I live on the U.S. East Coast. This location is not known as a place where men regularly wear cowboy boots. However, I have worn cowboy boots (and motorcycle boots) to work in a professional office setting for 30 years.

Has anyone said anything? Yes. Some people have paid compliments along the lines of saying "nice boots." A few people -- just a few -- have said silly things like, "where's your horse?" In those cases, I either ignored them or answered back just as silly like, "he's out in the parking lot. He's the big one on the left."

Honestly, most people don't care what's on your feet as long as you are clean and presentable. They care far more about what's in your head. If you have hang-ups about wearing boots, it's purely something you are bringing on to yourself. Get over it. Stand tall, smile, and ...

Life is short: wear boots ... to work, wherever!

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