Monday, April 2, 2012

Leather Gear Guide for Bikers

As readers of this blog know, I am a biker -- I ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I've been riding for some 30 years.

I also enjoy wearing leather. The motorcycle was the inspiration for getting a lot of my gear, and as I have aged and settled down, most of my leather these days is worn for protection and style while riding, not for fetish interests.

I have received inquiries about my recommendations about various items of leather gear for bikers. I decided to take my "Guide to (fetish) Leather Gear" and create one specifically for (straight) bikers. I left the fetish stuff out and wrote more about the design and function of leather that bikers may choose to buy and wear.

The full Guide to Biker Leather Gear is here.

I cover topics including:

Jackets -- what kinds of leather jackets are out there, and what styles are of good quality and work best for bikers.

Vests -- many bikers wear leather vests for style, warmth, protection, and to display "club colors".

Chaps -- these are the most versatile leather item a biker (or leatherdude) can own and wear. Chaps are great for providing warmth and protection on cool mornings, and are easy to remove as the day grows warmer. However, there are a LOT of cheap chaps out there that look awful, snap at the bottom of the legs, and are designed poorly. Read my Guide for information on how to select quality, good-looking, well-designed chaps that will make you look like you know what you're doing and know your gear.

Boots -- no biker worth his salt would wear anything but motorcycle boots when operating a motorcycle. No sneakers. No sandals. No flip-flops. While various posts on this blog and my Guide to Motorcycle Boots go into much more detail, I couldn't write a Guide about Biker Leather without mentioning boots.

Leather Pants, Jeans, and Breeches -- confident, secure motorcycle riders know style as well as function. Those who do not worry about what other less intelligent, uninformed people may say will choose functional, stylish, leather gear to wear on their legs. This includes leather pants, jeans, and breeches. I explain how to choose these items to provide warmth, protection, and style to the confident biker while riding.

Leather shirts -- again, confident men may choose to wear leather shirts to compliment the biker attire, as well as for warmth and style. My Guide covers information about choosing quality leather shirts for bikers.

Check out my new Guide to Motorcycle Leather Gear. I hope you will find it helpful.

Life is short: wear leather!

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