Saturday, April 7, 2012

Odd Easter Weekend

For the past decade, my partner left on Good Friday to drive to Pittsburgh to visit his mother for Easter, returning on the next Monday. I would have a free "batchelor's weekend" where I would ride my Harley on Saturday and take some elderly friends to church for sunrise service on Sunday, then having some more free time before returning to work on Monday.

Not this year....

Our Easter weekend is turned a bit upside down this year. Unfortunately, my partner cannot drive due to his illness. So he can't drive by himself to the store down the street much less Pittsburgh. My partner is staying home this Easter.

I need to be available to support him by giving him a daily medical treatment that takes about an hour in the middle of the day. That precludes taking time to join my motorcycle club for a ride.

Instead, "let the kitchen flooring process begin...." Yep, as you read this, I am tearing up our old kitchen floor (under partner's watchful eye) and ensuring the underlayment remains solid. I hope I can get that done in one day.

Then if I am still able to walk on Sunday, I plan to take some of my senior pals and my partner to church, but at a more traditional time than at oh-dark-thirty for a sunrise service. Yeah, I'll wear a jacket, shirt, tie, and dress ...

...cowboy boots. Shoes? Ya gotta be kiddin!

After that, return home, change into grubbies and my work boots, and continue doing the prep work on the kitchen floor and paint the baseboards and trim. I will lay new tile on the floor later this coming week.

Visits with the family won't happen this Easter. I am sorry about that, but needing to be available to give my partner his daily treatment with some privacy, dignity, and on schedule is important.

Life is short: adjust as needed.

Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your partner a joyous Easter. Although, not the traditional way you've spent the holiday in the past, I know this year's will be special as you're spending it with a man you fiercely love.