Friday, March 6, 2009

Boot Goal Realized

After receiving two pairs of patrol boots that I had always wanted last week, and then finding a place to store them when not on my feet, I saw that my storage areas were almost filled. I also realized that my goals for motorcycle boots were completed.

That's it... as far as I can foresee, the motorcycle boot acquisitions are done.

I have one more space to fill, with a pair of Olathe Buckaroo Boots that I saw at Kleinschmidt's last year... and whenever that happens, I'm done. Seriously.

My partner is taking bets, though, and the current odds are 10:1 that my 2009 "boot acquisition prediction" will not hold. Care to get in on the bet?

1 comment:

rolandtaylorjr said...

That might never happen with me. I may see somebody else wear another pair of boots, and then realize that I'd probably want another pair just like his. After all, Calgary Clay did inspire both of us to get our own pair of Chippewa firefighters after he started showing off his pair.