Sunday, March 22, 2009


I took my Harley out on Saturday on a route that I will be riding again. What I mean by that is that I did what's called a "pre-ride." I laid out the route electronically on a map, then translated it to paper, and then rode the route to check it out. I wanted to check that the mileage indicators were accurate, to ensure that the turns were correct, to see the lines of sight at those turns (and what safety precautions to suggest to other riders), and to and to check the condition of the surfaces of the roads after a long, cold winter.

This is a practice that leaders of motorcycle rides do, in order to make sure that the ride will be safe and fun for the other riders when we go.

Before I headed out, I checked the air in my tires (it was okay), the oil and other fluid levels (all okay), as well as all the cables, brakes, lights, chassis, and everything else. While I have been riding the Harley through the winter, I haven't ridden it much, so I did a thorough check of my trusty iron steed to make sure it is okay and my own ride is safe. I also cleaned the windscreen, lenses on the lights, and even my helmet. The bike itself is spotless with just a little attention from a cleaning pad.

It was only about 48°F (9°C), despite predictions for warmer temperatures and more sunshine. Full leathers were the order of the day, including my LAPD leather breeches, leather shirt, motocross jacket, and my (new) tall Wesco Motor Patrol Boots.

Predictions for Sunday's weather are for temperatures to be about 62°F (16.5°C) and sunny, so it should be great "leather weather" for a motorcycle ride. Can't wait! The winter has been way too darned long. Fortunately, I did get a chance to go riding on a rented Harley while in Arizona, visiting my best friend, AZ. Now I can go ride here at home. The weather is finally breaking, and it's time to return to doing what I enjoy most for my free time.

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Tef said...

Don't arrest me, Officer. I was just looking at your boots... ;)