Monday, March 30, 2009

Tool Belts and Work Boots

Not much time to blog today... I'm sore as heck. My partner and I spent 12 hours yesterday cleaning up that house that I bought for my rental investments. Great thing is that it is now clean as a whistle. I got all of my renovation and repair estimating done, and it will not take much to bring the house to livable condition.

I will make a few calls today to some painters for estimates. A thorough interior paint job is needed, and of all the trades, painting is not something I like to do.

Today, I file for the permits I require to do the various renovation projects that need to be done. My county issues permits for everything -- there is probably one even for blowing your nose. Those things are costly! But it's just the price I have to pay.

Next week, I will "up the electrical," meaning that I will install a new circuit breaker panel to bring the house up to today's power demand and safety standards. A few more weeks of after-work time, where I will install new outlets throughout (there is only one in each room) and central air conditioning, and we'll be all set. Many years ago I got an electrician's license because I enjoyed doing electrical work, and I was too poor and too cheap to pay an electrician to do home renovation projects (especially on my first house, which I had to rebuild literally from the inside out). Once I do my electrical work, I will
ask a buddy who is a Master Electrician to connect it to the grid.

The worst part of the house is the kitchen. It's awful. Someone installed baby blue tile all over -- on the floor, walls, and countertops. That all has to go. I will break that out and replace it with better flooring and Corian countertops in neutral colors. I'll also put in a new sink. The appliances are all in good shape and are relatively new.

With those changes, the house will be ready to go. This is the first post-WWII Cape Cod in which I have not had to replace all the windows. Someone seems to have installed new double-pane windows within the last decade. The rest of the house is in very good shape. Except for a lot of dust and some spiders, there wasn't a whole lot to clean up. (Believe me, I have dealt with a lot worse.) The previous owner didn't "trash" it. When the painting is done, I'll install new carpeting.

I wore an old pair of Corcoran Field Boots as my work boots with camo BDUs. I like to wear BDUs when I do dirty work because they are loose and comfortable, and have lots of big pockets. My partner wore an old pair of Timberlands with jeans. And yes, we both wore tool belts. It just makes tools we need more handy when they're at your waist. Sorry, no photo. I didn't bring the camera, and my partner wouldn't have wanted to be seen in a dusty, dirty condition. He is rather particular about how his image is displayed. I sure was happy to have his help.

I needed even more "spot help" when I was removing that old crappy aluminum awning that was propped up over the front door and steps. My tenant who occupies the house next door was coming home when he saw me struggling with it, and came over to help. Right after he got off work. Oh, did I mention he is a motor officer? Hmmm... nice "distraction" watching him in his motor boots as we tore that thing off the porch. He is a very nice guy and great tenant.

My partner and I are pooped, but we are basking in the aches and pains of a job well done.

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Tef said...

I thought you'll have red Wesco lined leather walls and vibram lug sole 100R floors!


You got me in a house hunting mood too.