Monday, March 2, 2009

Leather Weekend

On Thursday, I received a new pair of All American Blue Knight Patrol Boots, (photo left) followed by a delivery on Friday with a pair of traditional Wesco Motor Patrol Boots. (photo right).

The LAPD uniform and leathers came on, which I wore all weekend -- including as I went about my daily activities, visiting family, doing grocery shopping for some elder buds, and even attending a meeting related to a local political campaign. One nice-looking guy at the grocery store complimented the outfit, as I stood in line to pay. He is a fellow biker, so we might go riding together when the weather breaks. One of the store clerks who I know rather well complimented me on the leathers, and said, "new boots? They're nice!" But that was all the boot talk I heard, not that I expected anything else.

Unfortunately, the grocery store was packed because the weather predictions are for accumulating snow -- so everyone and his sister was raking the store shelves bare. Good thing was that I got through rather quickly.

My partner and I are having a spirited discussion about boots -- with laces (The AA boots have a bal-laced instep) and without. He says both look good on me, but from his "excitement" on Friday, I think he likes the AA boots better.

Being a true "Bootman," I wear boots for their functionality, as well as design and appearance. I really like both of these new pairs of boots. As soon as the weather breaks, they each will get tested while riding in my leather breeches on my Harley.

I had a good weekend. Got lots of stuff done. I updated my website quite a bit, computed six more tax returns for senior friends, and did some work with my partner on our small business. We even had time to do some batch cooking of some pasta dishes and home-made sauce for the week ahead.

I enjoy hangin' out in leather -- just wish I could transport myself to my various destinations on my Harley. Soon enough, though... soon enough.

Life is short: wear your boots!

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