Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have just moved to a different hosting service.  What that means in non-geek speak is that my boots and leather website is being provided from a different server that is owned by a different company than the one I had been using since 2005.  I changed it because the company at which I had the website hosted has had an ongoing problem with downtime, and the problem was getting worse, not better.  They also were more expensive and more restrictive than the new company.

You do not have to worry about the technical details, many of which are beyond my own comprehension.  As you may not realize, my abilities with web-stuff are not as extensive as you may think.  I am learning all the time, and the learning is fun -- which is why having that website is much like a hobby.  It continues to challenge me and is intellectually stimulating.

I am posting this message for two reasons:

1) just in case you visit my website and get some strange error message, check back later.  It takes a while for the change to be fully implemented on the World Wide Web.

2) my email address is being migrated, too.  I may lose all of my email when this change takes place.  If you have sent me a message and I have not responded, please try again.  Messages sent to me on 8 or 9 January may not actually reach me.  Or they may; I do not know.

Let's hope the transition is transparent for my visitors, and goes smoothly.

Life is short:  make changes as necessary.

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