Monday, January 10, 2011

Comparison of Chippewa and Wesco Boots

I have been asked from time to time how Chippewa and Wesco engineer boots compare.  Nothing shows the differences and similarities better than a video.  Here it is! (see text summary below)

Summary of main points in the video:

Similarities of Chippewa and Wesco Engineer Boots
Note: these similarities are for stock Wesco Boss engineer boots. Wesco Boss boots can be made custom to different heights, number of buckles, color of leather, different soles, etc. But standard, stock Boss boots have these shared characteristics with Chippewa Engineer boots:
  • Made in USA
  • Construction and durability: both Chippewa and Wesco boots are very well-constructed and will last a long time, even if exposed to heat, water, mud, chemicals, oil, etc.
  • Leather: oil-tanned (dull finish) high-quality leather
  • Straps and buckles: One strap with buckle across the instep, one strap with buckle closure at the top of the shaft. (Custom Wescos can have no straps or up to four straps.)
  • Shaft lining: Unlined (though Custom Wesco boots can be leather-lined.)
  • Thread color: the thread color on the soles and boot stays is white on both Chippewa and Wesco boots (though custom Wescos can have different thread colors specified.)
  • Toes: Steel toe (note, Stompers Boots has a non-steel toe version of Chippewa engineer boots available, but the stock, standard Chippewa engineer boot has a steel toe.)


  • Height: Chippewa -- 17"; Wesco Boss -- 18" (or shorter or taller, up to crotch-high.)
  • Weight of leather: Chippewa boots are made from leather that is thinner than the leather that Wesco boots are made with.
  • Weight of boots: Chippewa -- 3 lbs (1.36kg); Wesco 18" Boss -- 6 lbs (2.7kg)
  • Sole: Chippewa -- Vibram Nitrile (moderate traction); Wesco -- Vibram 100 (big lug -- lots of traction)
  • Customization: Chippewa boots cannot be made custom. You get what you get. Wesco boots can be made custom, with different heights, leather, number of straps, soles, heel height, and other options available -- at a price!
  • Price: Chippewa -- approx. US$200/pair; Wesco Boss -- approx. US$500 (or more)

Life is short: know your boots!

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