Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Says It All

I have blogged a lot about where visitors come to my website, and I have also blogged a lot about an obsession by many about whether men wear pants inside their boots or not.  I have also blogged on occasion about how fellow residents of the United States have lost their ability to spell or write in American English.

The following image says it all.  If the image is hard to read on your screen, click on it to enlarge it.  Then read what was typed into a Google search.

Then laugh or cry, or both.  Oh for Pete's sake. I know getting "their" and "there" mixed up is common, but this is a typical example of what I see in hundreds of searches every day. It is so sad that so many people have not learned fundamental English writing and grammar skills -- and this is for those who were born in the U.S. and educated here.

And this example does not hold a candle to the garbage that I see the kids in my own family write on their Facebook status updates. Yikes!

Life is short:  lurn hw 2 writ

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