Friday, May 6, 2011

Diamond Platinum Black Boot Card

Wow, I've been informed by Stompers Boots that I am the proud owner of a Diamond Platinum Black Boot Card.  What's that mean?

It means that as a very loyal customer who has invested a lot of money in purchases from the the Best Darn Boot Shop that I get a good discount on boots that I may order from them. I throw a lot of business their way, as best I can, because they do have about the best service and prices in today's volatile market. Prices of boots are going up and up -- like everything else these days. Manufacturers are raising prices, and shipping costs continue to rise. Thus, while Stompers offers excellent pricing, they can't avoid raising prices when their suppliers do yet retain very modest margins.

This "Diamond Platinum Black Boot Card" is a virtual product and was a tongue-in-cheek gift to me by the Owner of Stompers. So it's a title, and I am a proud man to have earned it. It came up in a dialogue about some boots...

...Yeah -- something caught my eye, and on behest of a friend who made a strong suggestion (you know who you are, Officer B!), an order was placed. Hopefully, to arrive in time for a police motorcycle event this summer. Perhaps a cop or two will ask, "where'd you get those boots?" And I'll be happy to provide a referral to Stomper Boots, the Best Darn Boot Shop in the world.

I encourage all Bootmen of the World to work at achieving a Diamond Platinum Black status yourself. :-) I'm sure Stompers will appreciate that, as us loyal fans do.

Life is short: get booted!

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