Sunday, May 22, 2011

Riding in Honor and Memory

This time, I did a motorcycle ride to ride in honor and memory for something that hit close-to-home.  A good friend & riding buddy and his wife lost their son a year ago in a crash caused by a drunk driver.

This friend's son was quite a guy. Not quite 20 when he died, he had done a lot in his relatively short life, and made his parents proud. I would see him from time to time on group motorcycle rides. He wasn't too proud to ride as a passenger with his Dad. It was awful that he died so young, and the death of their oldest child was a rotten for my friends to have to deal with. No parent should outlive a child.

My biker bud held a memorial motorcycle ride on Saturday. The weather was stunning. Beautiful, warm, sunny skies and (finally) dry roads. We rode through some back roads that I didn't know existed, and some others that I had been on before, but by mistake (when I got lost. I always get lost when I try to go anywhere.)

There were about 40 bikes on this ride. It was great. We ended up at an amusement park. Though I wanted to stay and play, I couldn't. You-know-who's task list remained a mile long. So after some hugs and handshakes, I revved up the Harley and headed home ... and spent seven hours doing that oh-so-lovely yard work and gardening of May.

Life is short: honor memories of friends.

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