Friday, August 12, 2011

A Day In My Life

I live a fairly ordinary life, but there are some people who wonder, "how do 'gays' live?" thinking somehow that our "lifestyle" affects how we live our lives. Well, that's true -- my partner and I enjoy a relaxed, easy, comfortable lifestyle in the home we built and in the town where I have lived my whole life.

But I digresss.... The Advocate magazine is sponsoring an event today titled, "Day in Gay America."

Today begins the first day of a week's "staycation" for me. Yeah, unlike many others, I do not travel somewhere else when I have time off. I love my home and the community where I live -- so I take some time to enjoy it!

The weather is promising to be absolutely stunning: bright sunshine with warm but not hot air temperature, with a low dew point (meaning the humidity usually abundant this time of year will be noticeably absent.) My personal meteorologists (colleagues with whom I work) all advised, "take the day off -- go ride your Harley and have fun!" (They all agreed that Sunday's weather, when I have another ride planned, will not be good--more likely rain. My colleagues really look after me. They interpret the weather models specifically for me and my planned activities. I truly enjoy working with them.)

So that's what I will do today ... go take a ride with my brother and several of my friends. I will take some pictures and submit the best one to The Advocate that demonstrates what, to me, is representative of my day in Gay America. A guy out enjoying a ride with a group of friends. You know, bikers can be gay, too (or is it, "gay men can be bikers, too?"). Either way you say it, I are one (giggle.) My brother and buddies are not gay, but who cares? We genuinely like one another regardless of sexual orientation, and I am not one of those gay men who must hang out only with other gay men.

That will not be all of my day. I'll begin by preparing a nice breakfast for my partner before he goes to work, doing some laundry, and other mundane but important chores. Then I'll go for my ride. After I get home, I will visit some senior pals and help with some maintenance needs that they have. I'll also get on the phone with several more senior pals who I check on Make sure they are safe.

Then in the early evening, my brother will take his wife in a car and I will ride my Harley to another brother's home where the family will gather for our weekly dinner gathering. Partner will stay home -- the family intimidates with noise and little monsters (smile)... but I love it, and love them. I'm not sure how many will be there... probably the usual 40 or so. Nice intimate gathering of a raucous group (LOL!).

I'll come home early, but anticipate that my brother and his wife will stay longer to visit. When I get home, I will snuggle closely with my partner in a media-free zone, hold his hand, and do what I advise on this blog often: show those you love that you love them.

We'll head to bed at the usual early hour, about 9:00. Snuggle close again, peacefully and happy.

Life is short: enjoy your day!

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