Monday, August 1, 2011

Worst Gathering Spot for Men's Footwear

The other day, I went to a strip shopping center to go to the drugstore to pick up a prescription for a senior pal.  It was busy; I had to park quite a ways away from the drugstore. The walk to the store took me by a Starbucks.

Oh-my-gosh... all the men there had on shorts with the most ugly footwear ever made -- mostly flip-flops, some upper-end sandals (that they buy for the name), and even crocs. On men!  Blimey!

Two guys had on sneakers, but that was it...

I didn't expect to see any guys in boots, and I guess in summer's heat, what could I expect? And being SB's typical clientele -- more than half of them were fidgiting with hand-held gadgets, texting away. Oh, fiddle-faddle.

I tell 'ya, it was u-g-l-y. When I left the drugstore, I took a longer, more circuitous route so I didn't have to pass that place on my return to where I parked my Harley.

Blecchhh... I don't like Starbucks anyway. Not being a coffee-drinker, they never appealed to me.  Plus, I just can't fathom paying US$5.00 for some sugary frothy latte-this or smoothie-that. Yuck.

I never was cut out to be a yuppie.

Life is short:  avoid unbootedness.

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