Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How Do I Make My Cowboy Boots Not Look Gay?

Yep, here it goes again:

Another Google search landed this question, "How do I make my cowboy boots not look gay?" on the cowboy boots and jeans page on my website.

I feel very sorry for the guy who actually asked this question. Well, anyway, I will give a serious answer to this silly question:

Regular cowboy boots are worn by many men, and the vast majority of those men are straight. They wouldn't wear boots if they thought the boots "looked gay" because the last thing a straight guy wants to have happen is to have anyone cast doubt on his "straightness" by what he is wearing on his feet.

Therefore, in my opinion, boots themselves do not "look" gay -- this question relates a seriously misplaced concern. The misplaced concern is about the person -- not the boots. The person is probably afraid that when he wears boots, he may display characteristics that sexual stereotyping cause people to believe someone is gay. I will not describe those characteristics, because as a gay man, I believe that my doing so could reaffirm that I believe those stereotypes are accurate and true, which they are not.

Back to the point: how do you make the wearer of cowboy boots not "look gay?"

1. Stand tall and have an outward appearance of a happy, relaxed, and confident man. SMILE! Nobody likes a sourpuss.

2. Look other people in the eye -- not downward or away.

3. Make sure your boots look good with what you are wearing -- polished smooth leather, clean exotic skins, or if you're going for that bad-boy rough-and-tumble biker-look, then wear appropriate "biker clothing" like denim or leather jeans -- not shorts.

4. Make sure your boots fit properly. Boots that are too large make a guy walk oddly, which can be presumed to be one of those stereotypical behaviors that I referred to above.

5. Have a confident and secure stride. That is, walk normally. Don't clunk your boot heels or tip-toe. If you are not accustomed to wearing boots, watch how you walk on stairs. It is very easy to trip up a set of stairs when wearing boots if you're not used to them.

Boots unto themselves are not gay (this is a link) but if someone has to ask this question, then perhaps he should consider getting professional counseling. Seriously, I worry about people who think like that -- it's a sure sign of something else behind the curtain. The guy is trying to blame an inanimate object as a method of hiding repressed feelings. Go talk to a professional.

Life is short: wear boots confidently.

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