Monday, August 15, 2011

My Birthday Wish List: PDA

My birthday is tomorrow. I am following great leadership of a friend who published an inspiring birthday wish-list on Facebook. Here's mine -- please take a few minutes to read, and then act.

As one gets older, the desire for material goods is replaced by the desire for PDAs -- and not what you think. I'm not into toys. I seek Personal Displays of Affection. Not for me, but for others.

These PDAs may be demonstrated by:
  • Visiting or calling a parent, grandparent, or other senior and listening. So many people talk-talk-talk, but we have much to learn if we shut up and listen to the wiser generation. Spend an hour listening and you will be amazed how good both of you feel.
  • Sharing your talents with others. Help with housecleaning, home repairs, mowing the lawn, taking folks grocery shopping, making a home-made meal, and just spending time with people who won't ask for help, but who will benefit (and this applies to people of all ages.)
  • Making regular phone calls to house-bound family and friends. Your smile on the phone may be the only sunshine heard today. I truly wish for a reduction in the lonliness that seniors experience as they age and become less important in American's lives. (Our culture has much to learn from Asia.)
  • turning off the computer, TV, and the gadget-du-juor (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.) Reach out and hold the hand of the one you love. Experience serenity without technological distractions. Do this for me. You will be surprised how delightful, energizing, and empowering this down-time can be.
This is what I want for my birthday: open your heart, listen with love, show you care. Show YOUR PDAs! As I regularly say, "show those you love that you love them."

Thank you for making my birthday a happy one by doing one or more of these actions. I would dearly love to have you comment on this blog to describe what you did!

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