Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sendra Boots Dismay

Over the years, I had heard a lot about Sendra Boots, which are made in Spain. They are very well-made, attractive boots, but I have to say, at least for the three pairs of Sendras that I own, they are very uncomfortable. I cannot wear them for more than an hour without my feet aching. The footbed is hard, and the boots are sized in such a way that I cannot insert a gel insole to make them more comfortable. The boot shaft is narrow, so they squeeze my legs. Ouch!

Back in 2006, I bought my first pair of Sendra "Texan" cowboy boots. Black, traditional style, with a low heel (1"/2.5cm). I don't like boots with that low of a heel. They looked good, but wearing them became a chore. Often, they would just sit in my boot closet taking up space.

In 2007, I received a gift of a pair of Sendra boots from some friends who visited Spain. The boots are shiny and very attractive. But like their black brothers, the shaft is narrow and the footbed is hard. They occupied a space in my boot closet next to their black brothers, gathering dust.

I don't know what I was thinking when I bought a pair of 18" tall brown Sendra harness boots a few months ago. They are very good-looking boots, and very well-made. However, the foot is small (despite ordering a whole size larger than I usually wear) so I cannot insert a cushion insole. The shaft is narrow. I stretched the shafts using a boot stretcher for several weeks. I can put them on, but I cannot wear them for more than an hour without the boots feeling hot on my legs and feeling sweaty.

I know other guys who love Sendra Boots and do not have any problems like I have had. They say that their Sendras feel comfortable and they can wear their boots all day. I can't. Again: ouch!

Over the next few weeks or months, I will put my Sendra boots on eBay and hopefully find someone who would like to buy them -- and enjoy them. Sendra boots do not work for me.

If you want to make me an offer to buy these boots (and you do not live in the U.K.), write to me here.

Life is short: realize that each boot manufacturer makes boots that have size issues for some guys.


Lau Caste said...

Really? They are uncomfortable? I have some bikker boots from sendra, and i can tell that they have never given me any problem. why don't you tell something where you bought them? I always buy mine on and they always try to help me if I have some problem with their boots.You should tell them something, just in case. Good luck!

Booted Harleydude said...

Thanks, Lau Caste, for your comment. As I said in the original post, it is the way that the boots are made (more narrow shaft and foot compared with boots made by other companies) which make Sendra boots uncomfortable to me.

Trying to return them would not be appropriate, because there is nothing a vendor can do. I have them, tried them, found that after wearing them for several years that they still hurt my legs -- so it is time for me to move them on to others who may have legs and feet that fit the boots better than mine. It is a lesson learned -- great boots in style and manufacture, but not in fit for me.