Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I rarely talk about politics on this blog. I feel that there is no topic that causes more controversy than politics ... well, perhaps organized religion. Anyway, I am absolutely frosted by a two-faced lying jerk who convinced me to support his 2010 election for a first term in our State's House of Delegates from the district in which my partner and I live.

Yesterday, a vote came up in a joint committee of our House of Delegates on marriage equality. How did this guy vote?

He "passed." That is a coward's way of not taking a position. No vote yes or no. He "passed."

That jerk looked at me in my face when he was running for office and promised that he would vote for marriage equality. He gave me a convincing argument why he thought it was important and "the right thing to do." He told me directly how important he thought it was for my partner and me to be able to marry.

However, last year when a bill to legalize same-sex marriage came up in our state's legislature, he voted "no." It came up again this year, and once again, he tucked his yellow tail between his legs and "passed."

I have not been engaging in politics since the 2010 state election cycle because I got so "burned" and "burned out" in 2010 that I had enough, and promised myself not to get involved again. But come 2014 when state positions are up for election again, I do what I can to make sure this jerk's term is OVER by informing hundreds of voters in this district that I know why they should not vote to re-elect him, and suggest an alternate candidate who has to be better.

I hate liars and hypocrites. Fortunately, most of the elected officials in local and state office are honest, hard-working, thoughtful people. We may not agree on everything, but at least when they tell me where they stand, they don't do something else like vote the opposite in a place where it counts.

So, S.A., you're history. I hope you slunk away under the rock from which you crawled and never darken this district again!

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