Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yucky Weather Rules Out Cowboy Boots

Yesterday, Saturday, the weather was particularly "yucky" -- cold rain, with a little bit of heavy, wet snow. Not a real good day for a wedding, dress clothes, and leather-soled cowboy boots, so I made a last-minute boot change....

Because the sidewalks and streets were slick, and also since I am prone to tripping over a blade of grass, I decided not to wear slick leather-soled dress cowboy boots with my suit to attend the wedding. Instead, I pulled on my dress instep Dehner boots that have Vibram lug soles. With pants over them, they look so much like dress shoes that one of my cousins asked me point-blank, "have you resorted to wearing shoes now?" He knows that I do not wear shoes, and he was surprised that the boots I was wearing mimicked the appearance of good dress shoes. He was further shocked when I pulled up my pants leg to reveal how tall the boots were. (giggle.)

Since I skipped the wedding reception, I got home early in the afternoon, and accompanied my partner to see yet another medical specialist. My poor partner remains quite sick. He has lost 10 pounds, and didn't need to lose that weight. We continue to pursue treatments to make him better. I have faith... pure faith... it will get better. It has to.

I also spent some time yesterday with a dear ol' senior pal. This guy is someone with whom I occasionally meet along with some other senior pals ostensibly to play the game of Bocce. This is an Italian pastime. We don't play as much as we talk, eat, and talk... but it's a fun way for me to keep up on my Italian. Anyway, this ol' pal called me on Friday to tell me that his wife died suddenly.

I rushed to his home on Friday afternoon and sat with him, listened to stories, and held his hand. He was so upset, but also in shock. I stayed with him until is daughter and four sons arrived. They live rather far away, but came as quickly as they could. I spent some more time with him yesterday, to let him know through actions and deeds that he is indeed loved. He's a great man, and I am so sorry for his loss.

What did I wear to the doctor's office and while visiting my senior pal? Lug-soled boots (Chippewa Firefighters) with a pair of leather jeans and a comfy flannel shirt. Anyone say anything? Nope.... NBD.

Saturday was a busy day for different reasons. Today, Sunday, promises some fun with my partner, to the degree he can tolerate it. I intend, as always, to... the man I love how I love him.

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onlybootedmanintown said...

Just a thought. Tingley (google or ebay) makes really well-made overboots for cowboy boots. No, not the nicest thing to look at, BUT they do a great job and you can wear your hooves in the snow!