Sunday, February 5, 2012

Game, Shmame

Today is the day when the Super Bowl, the championship of American Football, is played. This game is hyped up so much. So many promotions from all sorts of retailers who are trying to capitalize on making money from game-related activities -- including grocery stores, big box retailers that sell hi-def televisions, furniture stores, and many more. Phooey. I don't buy into the hype and commercialization related to one football game. Really.

What will I be doing instead of shopping, attending parties, or watching the game?

Considering that most grocery retailers are having sales in promotion with entertaining for "the big game," and also since Friday, the local TV weather-hyperweasels have had the s-word in our forecast for today's weather, I feared that the grocery stores would be nuts today. Therefore, I asked the senior pals who I take to the grocery store on Sundays to go with me yesterday instead. We did, had no crowds, and a well-stocked store. Yippie -- I avoided the crazies!

Today, I'm not going anywhere. I will spend the day with my partner doing work around our house. There is always work to do. Always.

I have been invited to some "super bowl parties" that my siblings are having, but they have invited me out of courtesy, so I would not feel left out. But they know that I don't care for football, so they were not surprised in the slightest that I politely declined their offers. Last place I want to be is around a bunch of people "talking football."

This hype over a football game has even affected my family. I have a niece who is having a milestone birthday today, but they are delaying her birthday party until next week because of "the game." Sheesh... my priorities are different, I guess.

After the fun of doing the work on our house is over (due to my ol' body screaming, "no more!"), my partner and I plan to settle down to watch a movie that he has recorded, and perhaps work in a rousing game of scrabble. Yep, that's it... we are watching movies and playing board games, not football. I have no interest, and while my partner enjoys it far more than I do, he will accommodate my disinterest by offering something else for us to enjoy together.

Fortunately, I do not have to come into my office on the Monday after "the big game," so I can avoid the sports-talk among my colleagues.

Life is short: the world does not revolve around some football game.

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