Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day

A quick note and update for my regular blog visitors.

First: Happy Leap Day! Read on to understand why I am celebrating today.

Well, we have to find some reason to celebrate an extra day in this cold, dreary month of non-motorcycle-riding.

I have a friend who was born 84 years ago today, so she celebrates her 21st birthday today! Woo-hoo! She is finally of legal age! (giggle)

I am also a bit buoyed that my partner has a bit brighter outlook. He is still dealing with that awful monster as a result of a tick that bit him, but apparently his treatment is working somewhat. His pain is not as severe -- it's there, but not as bad as it was last week and weeks before. He also has some help with sleeping, and has been sleeping better -- not perfect, but at least longer than an hour at a time.

He is doing better enough that he has returned to work. He is gathering materials to work on from home. His boss will let him telecommute more often, which relieves the pressure of having to commute on public transit and get exposed to everyone else's germs while his immune system is still in overdrive fighting that monster and co-infecting relatives.

I continue my advocacy on his behalf, working to get him seen by the most prominent researcher and physician in the field related to study of the monstrous disease that he has. It hasn't been easy -- this doc has more gatekeepers than the President of the United States.

Another reason to celebrate is that my sister found a link to more information about my mother's side of our family. We found someone who has records that show ancestral lineage to a German man who arrived in the U.S. in 1746. Turns out that this man is my Great Great Great Great Grandfather. Wow!

We are now tracing the lines to see how my GGGGGrandfather's descendent, my Grandfather, came to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears during the times when Oklahoma was "Indian Territory" and lived among the Choctaw Tribe. Interesting stuff!

All-in-all, today will be a great day! Happy Leap Day!

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