Saturday, February 25, 2012

No Python for You!

Someone from France sent an email message to me the other day complimenting me on my website, and then explained that he saw a pair of python (snake) cowboy boots in a store one time, and fell in love with them. He was unhappy about the price -- over €300 -- so he wanted to know if I could recommend a source of the boots that was less expensive.

My answer?

I was able to find a new pair of python boots at reputable U.S. boot retailers for approximately US$200, or about €152.

Unfortunately, I also found out that U.S.-based retailers such as Boot Barn or Sheplers will not ship exotic skin (snake, ostrich, lizard) boots to Europe and some other countries in Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific.

Customs regulations in other countries prohibit importation of products made with snakeskin. These companies would be happy to sell the boots to you. It is each country's Custom's offices that make it a legal issue to get them.

Used boots may not be as difficult to receive in Europe, and shhhh... don't tell them, but if you find a pair of snakeskin boots on eBay, win the auction, and have them shipped to you with marking on the box of "used boots", then you can probably get the boots you want.

Some countries may inspect the parcels, and some may not. Each country and its customs regulations and inspections are different. Nonetheless, unless you travel to the United States and buy the boots here (then find a way to get them through your country's customs inspection when you arrive home), the only options that I know you can use to get snakeskin boots in Europe is to 1) find them legally for sale somewhere and pay the going price, or 2) win an eBay auction and hope that the boots make it through customs when they are shipped to you.

Oh well...

Life is short: wear snakeskin boots (if you can get them).

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