Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Hero Saves Lives

I am honored to know a man who is my hero, and call him not only my best friend, but my brother. My twin brother. My alter-ego in life, in heart, and in action.

Throughout our lives, both my brother and I have had a special place in our hearts to help those in need, who were picked on, bullied, and treated terribly because of some difference they had. We each acted in our own ways of trying to save and protect people who were unable to defend themselves, and today, my brother is doing it, saving lives, and bringing peace. Literally. I am so proud of him. (This photo is so characteristic of my brother -- leading through a dark tunnel into the broad sunlight of day.)

I cannot say exactly where he is or what he is doing, without blowing his cover. Let's say from his previous working career, he knows a lot of people, has experience in many countries of the world, and speaks the languages in areas where some people are being repressed and/or tortured because of religious and ethnic differences.

In his retirement, my brother has moved on in his work as a private person to develop an outreach effort that has successfully saved a large number of people who were barely surviving by finding a way to broker peace in their small part of the world. He has arranged for deliveries of food supplies, as well as methods ensure that these people can farm lands that they could not enter just a month ago so they can sustain themselves. He has worked with a large NGO to bring health care to these people, whose health has been awful, with many of them suffering from malnutrition and disease.

And he has done this work mostly through his own resources. Sure, he is leveraging assistance from various NGOs and other like-minded people, but the real catalyst to this effort is ... the man I call my hero, as well as the man who is now called savior in the local language.

What a calling, what a way to carry out a life-long heartfelt journey. I am truly honored to have a twin brother like no other, My very own, J.

Life is short: love and honor your brother.

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Anonymous said...

Brother, your post caught me by surprise. You make me sound like I have rescued thousands of people. Not.

I am pleased that the people I have been working with are able to be more stable and secure, get medical attention that they require, as well as provide a way to sustain their ongoing needs for housing and food.

Obviously, if I have the internet, I am not that remote, though the wilderness is not that far away.

More work needs to be done. Thank you for your support and all of your guidance as I have not done anything like this before.

Talk to you soon. I love you.

Ore e sempre,