Saturday, February 11, 2012

Family Wedding Without Reception

For the past two days, I have had the pleasure of visiting with family who have come to town to attend a niece's wedding. Because my partner is not feeling well, we did not have anyone stay with us as a houseguest. (My twin brother wasn't able to come, either. Bummer.)

The wedding is today. I will (reluctantly) put on a pair of dress pants, shirt & tie, dress cowboy boots, and a sport coat, then drive to my sister's home for a pre-wedding brunch. This sister is the bride's aunt and Godmother. Then I will drive to the church, 15 miles away, to be there for the wedding ceremony.

When the wedding is over, I will politely make my exit and come home.


I seriously dislike wedding receptions. There is some thinking among those who believe stereotypes that all gay men go a-flutter over weddings, particularly the reception. I am here to disabuse that notion. I dislike so many parts about it: dressing up, driving all over the place (great distances between the brunch, the church, and the venue for the reception), drinking (alcohol), noise, pretentiousness among many of the guests, dancing, staying up late into the night. Nope, not me. Bleccchhh...

As is typical, my partner has not joined me in visits with the family earlier this week nor will he attend the church service with me. Even if he were feeling well, he dislikes the noise, crowds, and overwhelming nature of my large, raucous, and rambunctious family. I can take it; heck, I've been managing it since I was born! (LOL!)

I have plenty of work to do around our house, anyway. So when I get home from the church service, I will quickly remove the dress clothes and boots, and put them away. Then I will change into work clothes, including work boots, and get busy with some overdue home repairs and housecleaning.

As for the wedding, I will just look for photos on Facebook. I'm sure there will be many. These days, that's how we see these things, as all other forms of photo sharing is so last century (giggle.)

Life is short: maintain your limits.

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