Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back in My Boots

I am delighted at how quickly I am recovering from my hernia surgery.  Per doctor's written follow-up notes, I took off the bandage and took a shower yesterday.  The incisions were small, and are almost unnoticeable.  I do not have any swelling or bruises, nor signs of post-operative infection.  I can walk well, and have no pain.  I'm sore, but only when I move from a sitting to a standing position.  I stopped using narcotic pain killers on Saturday, and by today, I didn't even need Excedrin.  I'm really feeling good!

I got out of my sweats into regular clothes again on Monday, including wearing boots again.  But I am not doing anything at all -- just relaxing, and minding orders of my best half not to exert myself.  When he returns to work today, senior pals will spend time with me (babysit?) to ensure that I remain quiet, and not try to do anything stupid that could set me back.  But it sure is good to be back in my boots again -- pictured, my Chippewa harness boots with Wranglers.

I promise to be "good".  I have much to look forward to next week when I start my new life in my new job on Monday.  I want to be all ready for that.  So I will rest this week, enjoying support and good cheer from senior pals who are only too happy to keep me company, bring me home-baked goodies, and to make sure that I recover well.

Life is short:  love those who love you.

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