Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flip-Flop Cowboy Boots

I detest flip-flops. You know, those rubber-footed things (I can't even call them footwear) that some people wear -- usually at the beach or at a swimming pool. When people walk in them, you hear the noise that gives them their name -- a snap sound as the bottom of the rubber foot snaps up to strike the bottom of the heel. "Flip-flop, flip-flop" sounds so... awful. Some nut-cases have been seen wearing them while operating a motorcycle, which is incredibly stooopid, but as I have said before, Darwinian principles apply in those cases.

I digress... here's my story about a pair of cowboy boots that sound like flip-flops. On my recent business trip, I brought three pairs of boots with me. One pair was a pair of hikers that I wore while doing my morning brisk walk exercise. Two other pairs were dress Lucchese cowboy boots, one pair in cognac, and another pair in dark grey.

The dark grey boots are not broken in yet. The boot shafts are still very stiff. As I walk in them, I hear a noise that sounds much like flip-flops do -- when the back of the boot shaft strikes the back of my leg each time a take a step. "Flip-flop, flip-flop" go the boots. Sounds awful! Usually, I hear a more traditional "clunk" sound of the boot heel striking the floor. In this case, though, that sound is suppressed and has been replaced by a "flip-flop" noise. Yikes! I may suffer a damaged reputation as a cowboy boot-wearer! Aaaaahhhh!

I will continue to wear these boots to break them in, and hopefully the noise will cease. Meanwhile, I think I will wear taller socks, so the noise of the back of the boot shaft striking my leg will be muffled.

Oh... the trials of a Bootman who has a reputation to protect (LOL!)

Life is short: wear boots!


cabass said...

Hey there BHD,

I totally agree with you about flip flops!

AND I recently procured an awesome pair of boiler harness boots after my favorite fryes finally gave out. But my dilemma? They make the same sound your boots make... the slap of leather against my calves. Also, the rebound sound of the bent stiff leather returning to its original position. Both sounds are driving me nuts! I've never had boots make these noises. Like you I'm hoping breaking the boots in will take care of the problem. Has that worked for you?

A boot guy in California

Anonymous said...

I finally solved the problem on mine. Use thick moleskin that has adhesive on one side (Dr. Sholls - not sure on the spelling). Stick the mole skin, some trimming required, from both of the loops (used to pull on the boot) to the back of the boot. It is important to follow the outline of the very top of the boot to down to where both sides meet in the back. Took away the sound.